X Movie 2022: Release Date, Cast and Everything You Should Know

Nowadays, the viewership depends on fiery and quirky sequences in a fan’s favorite genre. And if a survey is done, we might just be shocked to find out that after so many years. People are still hooked on a genre like Slasher horror movies. Slasher movies are mainly crowd pullers and cult status acquirers. Some flourish the legendary status of creating a fan base of their own. Over the years, A24 has grown into a massive critically acknowledged name of production from just an Indie film production house. From the likes of Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, and Lenny Abrahamson’s Room, now A24 is coming up with X in the year 2022. A specific to the genre movie is going to make the fans of the genre reminisce the golden days .

X is a movie produced by A24. The mammoth production house earlier released a horror flick Disappointment Blvd starring Joaquin Pheonix and Amy Ryan. Which eventually was received well by the audience. But now before jumping into something great, they are bringing in a sizzling, tempting, slasher flick X. The spookfest is going to be helmed by Ti West, his previous project was The house of the devil, which was appreciated by the fans but not the critics. This, Ti West is considered as one the best and underrated candidates for X. Hence, he shall be providing us with the slick slasher movie with twists and turns along with some sleazy and steamy sequences. Which have become the format for the spook-fest genre of slasher movies.

Plot of X

A24 has previously born the likes of Hereditary and The Witch when it comes to horror flicks. The reputation for such a genre in the industry is quite high for the production house. So their track record will work as a cushioning for this film. Also as far as the plot of the movie is concerned, the movie is set in the late 70s when a group of young and energetic filmmakers set out to film a pornographic movie in a rural sector of Texas. Jenna Ortega in X

But during the filming situation, the hosts of their suburban retreat catch them in the act of “nuisance” then the story takes a drastic turn to a blood bath. Where then the young guns are running around to save their lives. So the plot is a default formatted slasher flick movie plot that has a huge chance of doing well and gaining that cult tag.

Cast Details

Creating a sectored cast for a genre like a slasher movie is a difficult choice to make. The casting decision of X is impeccably done. The cast list includes some fascinatingly popular names like Kid Cudi, Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow and Owen Campbell. All of these names are not the ones who are hungry for fame, so the usual portrayal of a slasher movie won’t be on your screens. Rather the movie has some flashing talents who are there to excel the plot and the storyline to a different level. Every star in the movie have had the experience to work on a big-budget feature and everyone has proven their worth on the screen to everyone in the world. Hence, the portrayals will be fully justified and worth every minute of one’s time.

X Movie 2022
Poster of X 2022

Some of them like Jenna Ortega has the usual experience of performing in a big-budget slasher movie like Scream (2022). Also, Grammy Winner Kid Cudi is a brilliant addition to the movie and has successfully attracted people to showcase his talent.

Release Date of X

The world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas is on March 13, 2022. The international release is on the 18th of March 2022. The movie will be going up against Sony’s Umma which is another horror flick. Though the promotional gigs are at full flow for Umma, A24 has a type of their movies. Paying attention to the details, and the confidence to lead a slasher movie like X is a magnificent promotion too.

Besides anything, every little update of the movie is well posted to the fans. Because of the high networking fan base of A24 and the slasher community.

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