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Who Was Romanian Billionaire Dan Petrescu? Dan Petrescu Died In Plane Crash Along With Family

What happened to Dan Petrescu?

Plane crash near Milan

A light aircraft carrying Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu and his family crashed into an empty office building near Milan, killing all eight on board, Italian media reported.

The single-engine Pilatus PC-12 crashed minutes after takeoff from Milan’s Linate airport on October 3 as it traveled to Olbia on the Italian island of Sardinia.

The plane had already caught fire when it crashed into an empty municipal building in San Donato Milanese, a town near Milan, the Corriere Della Sera newspaper reported.

Italy’s National Flight Safety Agency has opened an investigation into the cause of the crash.

The billionaire’s 65-year-old wife, their son Dan Stefano, 30, and a child were also among the eight people aboard the plane that died in the wreck, according to Corriere and the AGI news agency.

Petrescu, 68, was one of Romania’s richest men, having built his estimated $3 billion fortune in real estate and through ownership of a chain of supermarkets and malls. He also held German citizenship.

Corriere Della Sera reported Petrescu’s wife, son, and five friends were on the plane, as well as a 1-year-old child who had been baptized the day before.

The family was headed to their villa in Olbia, where Petrescu’s elderly mother was waiting for them, Corriere said.

The plane was bought in 2015 by Petrescu together with Vova Cohn, a former shareholder of the football club Dinamo Bucharest.

Who was Billionaire Dan Petrescu?

Billionaire Dan Petrescu, who died in the plane crash along with his family
Billionaire Dan Petrescu, who died in the plane crash along with his family

Dan Petrescu, 68, was considered by the Romanian press one of the richest – and most mysterious – men in the country. Nickname: “The Shadow Billionaire”.

His personal assets, according to local media, varies between one and three billion euros. Approximate calculation because Petrescu, whose parable ended tragically at the cloche of Pilate Pc-12, who fell today in San Donato Milanese, had moved his residence to the Principality of Monaco, domiciled at Columbia Palace on Avenue Princesse Grace.

Petrescu var business partner with the legendary tycoon and former Romanian tennis player Ion Tiriac, The “Brasov vampire”, who began to build up his wealth in Germany after a top sports career, as he prided himself on being “the best tennis player who can not play tennis”.

Founder of the first Romanian private bank after Ceausescu, with the company, then expanded to the insurance sector, real estate and indirectly to all branches of the economy, Tiriac was the first Romanian to appear (2007) on the list of the world’s Scrooge ‘compiled by’ Forbes’. Insane collectors of children, estimated at over thirty, and luxury cars, estimated at over 400.

Petrescu, in his wake, had climbed the golden ladders of success, but unlike Tiriac nothing flutters or at most poverty. Romanian newspapers place their interests in Unicredit iriac Bank, in the Rocar portfolio, and in the real estate industry as the owner of, among other things, supermarkets and shopping centers in the country. From fifteen to twenty, according to sources quoted by the Romanian press.

Petrescu’s business relationship also included them former shareholders of Dinamo Bucharest football club Vova Cohn, which he bought in 2015, the plane on which he died today.

The news about Petrescu in Italy is very meager. Only the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in a statement the deaths in the plane crash “two Romanian citizens with dual citizenship”. The Romanian Consulate General in Milan took action on its own initiative to provide any assistance to the Italian authorities, to facilitate the possible repatriation of bodies, and facilitate legal proceedings.

Dan Petrescu FAQ’s

Who was Dan Petrescu?

Dan Petrescu was a 68-year-old Romanian billionaire who was a real estate developer.

What was Dan Petrescu named as?

Dan Petrescu was nicknamed “The Shadow Billionaire”.

Who died along with Dan Petrescu?

Rai reported that his son Dan Stefan Petrescu, a 30-year-old with dual Romanian and German citizenship, and his wife, a 65-year-old with dual Romanian and French citizenship, also died in the crash along with five unidentified people including a young boy. 


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