Where to watch Spy x Family episode 3 online?

“Spy x Family” is finally underway and is looking at the top anime airing this season. The first two episodes introduced us to all the main characters, and now we’ll see all the fun interactions between them. So fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for Spy x Family Episode 3.

With that, let’s talk about the release date of the upcoming episode. Episode 3 will arrive online on April 22, 2022, at 11:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST). Moreover, just like the earlier episodes, the global release will be simultaneous with the Japanese release.

But the time of release will vary depending on the region. It is expected to release at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). While in India, the release will be at 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time.

Now, let’s talk about where to watch the new episode online. But before that, you should probably check out our guide on ‘Komi San Can’t Communicate’ Season 2 Episode 3, since that is also one of the top anime airing this season.

Where to watch ‘Spy x Family’ episode 3 online?

“Spy x Family” Episode 3 Release Date & Time: Where To Watch It Online?
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globally, crunchy roll has the right to air this slice of life anime. But we don’t know whether Funimation will host it or not. Although there is another streaming platform, you can watch this anime on.

And that’s none other than Netflix. So if Crunchyroll does not have the new episode available in your region, you can rely on Netflix to watch it weekly instead. You can check it out by heading on over to this page.

What to expect from ‘Spy x Family’ Episode 3?

The last episode introduced Yor to the series, who will act as the family’s wife. And just like Loid the spy and Anya, the psychic, she too has a secret. While her day job is that of a civil servant, she is a deadly assassin that takes down the enemies of the state.

From the preview, it looks like the third episode will be more laid back than the rest. Loid and his pretend family will probably prepare for the upcoming parent meet for Anya’s school. Expect a lot of laughs and some wholesome moments sprinkled on the new episode.

And now you’re ready to watch the new episode of Spy x Family. How do you like it so far? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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