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Where are reservation dogs filmed? Hulu Movie Locations

Reservation Dogs is a coming-of-age sitcom that follows four Native American teenagers in their rural hometown. The comedy of the show is largely driven by the antics of the youngsters, who regularly get into trouble, only to get out of it again. The simple pleasures of small-town living play a central theme in the show and give it much of its charm. Therefore, the particular aesthetic of the show’s background plays an important role in its overall character. Curious where ‘Reservation Dogs’ was filmed? We’ve got you covered.

Reservation Dogs Film Locations

“Reservation Dogs” was filmed in Oklahoma, and the show’s production uses multiple locations in different cities across the state to complete the rural, small-town backdrop. Production was interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, just as the showrunners were planning to film the pilot. Once it started, shooting continued until April 2021 and ended in July of the same year. Let’s take a closer look at the show’s specific filming locations.

Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

The show is set in a fictional town that takes much of its aesthetic from the town of Okmulgee in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. The pilot was shot in the city and filming for the rest of Season 1 also largely took place in Okmulgee. The town has special significance to the Native American tribe called the Muscogee Nation and so made a fitting venue for the show that revolves around 4 Native American youths.

According to series director and co-creator, Sterlin Harjo, “Okmulgee has a sort of Midwestern city feel to it. There was a lot of development, but it’s not like a city, so it feels like a rural town, and it’s close to Tulsa.”

Reservation Dogs Film

Located in Okmulgee County, the nearby town of Beggs is also one of several filming locations in the state used to create the show’s signature backdrop.

Tulsa County, Oklahoma

The city of Tulsa is reportedly used by the production crew as a base and for filming the show. The large town is relatively close to the town of Okmulgee, making it easy for the crew to photograph the rural small-town aesthetic that characterizes Okmulgee (according to the director), while being close to the facilities of a major town . A salvage yard in Tulsa was reportedly used as a filming location in the Season 1 production.

Reservation Dogs Film

Lensing also takes place in the city of Sand Springs, in Osage, Creek, and Tulsa counties. However, the city is primarily located in Tulsa County and is used for location filming.

Other Locations in Oklahoma

The town of Terlton in Pawnee County, Oklahoma is another filming location where the crew uses many of the local shops and establishments for on-location filming. Terlton Grocery, a store that had been closed for some time, was reportedly stocked for season 1 shooting. The production team also used a residence and a local church for a few scenes.

Reservation Dogs Film Location

The town of Inola in Rogers County is also reportedly used for the filming of a few scenes of the show, paying special attention to depicting predominantly Native American areas and attempting to give viewers a real-life perspective of them.

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