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When and Where to Watch the Opening Ceremony

The Tokyo Olympics, one of the most anticipated events on the sports calendar, is less than 48 hours from its start. The 2020 edition of the Summer Games to be held in Tokyo was postponed due to an epidemic last year, however, it will carry the Tokyo Olympic 2020 moniker. The restructured mega event is set to kick off on Friday 23 July at the newly set up Japan National Stadium.

While organizers and officials are still panicking over the increase in Govt cases in the sports village, the event is still in progress. More than 11,000 athletes from 20 locations at the Tokyo Olympics are competing in 33 events at 339 events in 42 locations.

Late summer games in Tokyo will be held in an emergency and will be without spectators due to the global epidemic. Earlier this month, Japan decided that participants would compete in vacant lots to reduce health risks. It has also had an impact on the opening ceremony, which usually has nothing to do with the glory or glory that accompanies it. The opening ceremony will often be an exciting performance that not all athletes will attend in the team parade. Many athletes fly shortly before their matches, leaving shortly afterwards to avoid physical contact.

Instead of more than 10,000 athletes marching into the skill-meeting arena as seen at previous opening events. The team parade will be small, mostly at the vacant Tokyo Olympic Stadium, except for a few hundred officials.

Details on when and where to watch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony are here:

When is the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics?

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games will be held at the National Stadium in Tokyo.

When is the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics held?

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23 at 4:30 pm IST (8:00 pm local time).

Where can you see the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics in India?

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games will be broadcast live on the Sony Sports Network in India. Sony Ten1 and Sony Ten2 will provide English commentary and Sony Ten3 Hindi commentary. In addition, national broadcaster Doordarshan will also broadcast the launch ceremony broadcast on its network in India.

How to watch the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics online?

Live streaming of the festival will be available on Sonilive and Geo TV.

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