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Watch: Tanikella Bharani and Karthikeya on Movie Reviews

Tanikella Bharani and Karthikeya on Movie Reviews

Popular character actor Tanikella Bharani and hero Karthikeya have come together for the promotion after the release of their movie “Raja Vikramarka” in a unique style.

Generally, Tanikella Bharani never comes out for movie promotions. Heroes don’t talk about movie reviews for a long time either. This brought the uniqueness of this 25 minute talk.

Karthikeya said he was a little weak after seeing a few web reviews, but his friends and acquaintances started calling him to rate the film. He said he doubted whether the film worked or not.

Tanikella Bharani also said that the film unit has been striving hard to release a movie for over a year, but the theater audiences are giving one word and one line reviews.

The great thing about this conversation is that it’s more light-hearted and matured, without venting anger at critics.

But the fact is that the reviews are not new. Raja Vikramarka is not the only film that was released with expectations but received negative reviews. There were many movies that worked wonders at the box office despite negative reviews and vice versa.

Watch the full interview

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