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Vikrant Rona Movie Latest News Details

Kichcha Sudeep, who shifted 50 today (September 2), brought to Twitter to unveil the first glimpse of his subsequent movie, Vikrant Rona. Directed by Anup Bhandari, the romance thriller will visit Jacqueline Fernandes to report the role of Gadang Rakkamma. The movie will also exist made in 3D and will radiate in 14 languages. Though the film was prematurely titled Phantom, the makers settled for a name change to Vikrant Rona film.

Cast & Crew:

Vikrant Rona is an action drama film written and directed by Anup Bhandari. The film star features Sudeep will play the role of Vikranth Rona. The soundtrack has been composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath. The film has been produced by Shalini Manjunath and Jack Manju.

Movie Plot:

A very new result with the approaching Kichcha Sudeep-starrer, Vikrant Rona raises the excitement of the fans. With the expansion of Jacqueline Fernandez to this pan-Indian movie. The expectations have sky rocketed. The performer will stand caught in an impressive cameo and a situational dance number. Which observes its debut in the south Indian movie industry.

Movie Glimpse:

The video glimpse has released on Sep 2, 2021, under the T-Series youtube channel. The video got more than 14 million views. What a Glimpse Vikrant Rona is already ahead of our expectations and we Kannada people are proud of Kichcha Sudeep What a glimpse, this movie will get a super-duper hit whole over India.

Vikrant Rona Movie Release Date Details:

After this wonderful video glimpse audience is eagerly waiting for the release date details. Recently the movie team reveals the film has ready to release in theaters on February 24, 2022.

Praveen tweets on Twitter about this movie

Hegide Friends

THE WORLD GETS A NEW HERO@KicchaSudeep || #KicchaSudeep #VikrantRona #KingKiccha @VikrantRona

— PRAVEEN (@SudeepianHere) January 23, 2022

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