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USA Beat Canada in Softball as Monica Abbott Strikes Out Nine

The United States won 1-0 against Canada as American pitcher Monica Abbott dominated the Canadian players from the start on the second day of the softball tournament at the Tokyo Games.

For seven innings, the Canadian batsmen chased down pitches and failed to make contact with one of the fastest bowlers of the game and five times the most valuable player in the Japanese league.

Abbott looked at his teeth after his first six dazzling frames and returned to the same place. She lifted the sweat from her hands, placed a cold pack on the back of her neck, and drank the fluids from her pink water bottle. Paid regular.

At 1.91 meters (6-feet, 3 inches) Abbott hit nine in total, three walks and a win.

Center fielder Haley McLenny took a solo run after dropping Jenna Keira. Amanda Sidester, who fired a shot at McLenny, instructed the team to keep up the pace, but the United States left the loaded bases for the second time in the game.

McLenny also knocked out runner Joey Lai to prevent Sarah Cronwegan from hitting the double right center.

Cronwegan, who returned after a four-inning, unbeaten start on Wednesday, hit the United States in the first two innings.

In the five days of the round robin game, the second leaves the United States 2-0 and Canada 1-1. The top four in six teams advance to the medal games. Mexico will face Japan, while Italy will face Australia later on Thursday.

The move breaks down Friday for the opening ceremony of the games.

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