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Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2021

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2021: Are you searching for new Telugu movies on OTT platforms Aha Video, Amazon Prime Video, SonyLiv, Netflix, ZEE 5, SUN NXT, Disney+ Hotstar, Spark OTT? Here is the complete info of latest Telugu digital release dates in this week. Tollywood has several films lined up for digital streaming in 2021. In order to mitigate the problem of finding the new release dates of upcoming Telugu movies on OTT platform, we have come up with this post. Hope this article helps you in finding the relevant information.

Tollywood, as per statistics, produces more than 250 movies and witnessing massive footfalls in South India. Also, Telugu Cinema is one that produces the highest number of movies after Bollywood in India. However, the current situation not permitting the theaters to open. During this course of time, OTT is the only way to release movies without any second thought. With cutting-edge technology and the evolution of internet speed, digital streaming platforms are becoming a major source of films in the last one and a half years. We, on this page, present a list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2021 that are set to release on OTT platforms in 2021.

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2021

Cinema is always the primary source of entertainment for the people in Telugu states, particularly Telugu movies as their plot and narrative process amaze us with their sheer dynamic roles and characters. Every year several Telugu movies get nominated for national awards and bag national awards in at least one category. Several Telugu movies are being dubbed not only in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. A lot of Telugu movies are being streamed on digital platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and more.

A subscription-based streaming platform provides its users a Video on Demand digital experience that offers the latest movies, web series, its originals, documentaries, Live programs, and more. You can watch upcoming Telugu movies in OTT platform 2021, Telugu TV Shows both online and offline on your devices like Android, iOS, Windows 10 devices without an internet connection. Want to explore new Telugu movies OTT Platform 2021 in November but don’t know where to start? Here’s the perfect guide for you!

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2021

Want to explore upcoming Telugu movies in OTT 2021 November but don’t know where to start? Here’s the perfect guide for you!

Movie NameOTT Release DateDigital Platform
RepublicNovember 26, 2021ZEE5
Hawkeye (Dub)November 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Red Notice (Dub)November 12, 2021Netflix
Shang Chi (Dub)November 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Meenakshi SundareshwarNovember 05, 2021Netflix
Gully RowdyNovember 04, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Sridevi Soda CenterNovember 04, 2021ZEE5
Kasada TabaraNovember 02, 2021Sony Liv
Jai BhimNovember 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT October 2021

Want to explore upcoming Telugu movies in OTT 2021 October but don’t know where to start? Here’s the perfect guide for you!

Movie NameOTT Release DateDigital Platform
Family DramaOctober 29, 2021SonyLiv
Kaane Kkane (Dub)October 26, 2021Sony Liv
Vijaya Raghavan (Dub)October 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Laabam (Dub)October 24, 2021Netflix
Malignant (Dub)October 22, 2021BookMyShow Stream
Sanak (Dub)October 23, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Love StoryOctober 22, 2021Aha Video
Heads and TalesOctober 22, 2021ZEE5
SeetiMaarrOctober 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Friendship (Telugu Dub)October 15, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Free Guy (Dub)October 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
AranyaOctober 15, 2021ZEE5
Raktha Sambandham(Dub)October 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Gully RowdyOctober 12, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Thalaivii (Dub)October 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Clod Case (Dub)October 08, 2021Aha Video
Itlu AmmaOctober 08, 2021Sony Liv
Raja Raja ChoraOctober 08, 2021ZEE5
Mugguru MonagalluOctober 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala AndagaduOctober 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Mugguru MonagalluOctober 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Orey BaammardhiOctober 01, 2021Aha Video
Friendship (Dub)October 01, 2021Simply South
Crazy UnclesOctober 2021Yet To Confirm
Dear MeghaOctober 2021Disney+ Hotstar
VirataparvamOctober 2021Netflix
NeragaduOctober 2021TBA
Madras (Dub)October 2021TBA

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT September 2021

Want to explore upcoming Telugu movies in OTT 2021 September but don’t know where to start? Here’s the perfect guide for you!

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Alanti SitraluSeptember 24, 2021ZEE5
ParinayamSeptember 24, 2021Aha Video
AsmeeSeptember 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Thittam Irandu (Dub)September 23, 2021SonyLiv
AakashavaaniSeptember 23, 2021Sony Liv
Naduvan (Dub)September 23, 2021SonyLiv
ChaitanyamSeptember 20, 2021Amazon Prime Video
ISHQ Not A Love StorySeptember 20, 2021SUN NXT
NarasimhapuramSeptember 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video
KanabadutaleduSeptember 17, 2021Spark OTT
PriyaruluSeptember 17, 2021Sony Liv
Unheard (S)September 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Ankahi Kahaniya (Dub)September 17, 2021Netflix
Ichata Vahanamulu NiluparaduSeptember 17, 2021Aha Video
MaestroSeptember 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Annabelle Sethupathi (Dub)September 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Bell Bottom (Dub)September 16, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Tuck JagadishSeptember 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
SundariSeptember 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
NETSeptember 10, 2021ZEE5
Tughlaq Durbar (Dub)September 10, 2021Netflix
Dikkiloona (Dub)September 10, 2021ZEE5
The Baker and The BeautySeptember 10, 2021Aha video
Potluck (Dub)September 10, 2021SonyLiv
Mumbai Diaries (Dub)September 09, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Parigettu ParigettuSeptember 05, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Radio MadhavSeptember 04, 2021Spark OTT
Ksheera Sagara MadhanamSeptember 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
JaSeptember 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Money Heist Season 5September 03, 2021Netflix
Black WidowSeptember 03, 2021Hotstar
CindrellaSeptember 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Pizza 2September 03, 2021Aha Video
PaagalSeptember 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala AndhagaduSeptember 2021TBA
SuryasthamayamSeptember 2021TBA

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT August 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
MAD (Marriage and Divorce)August 31, 2021Available on OTT Now
CheckmateAugust 31, 2021Available on OTT Now
Elite S1 (Dub)August 30, 2021Netflix
ThimmarusuAugust 28, 2021Netflix
Cruella (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
The Empire (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Way Down (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
The Vault (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
Kasada Tabara (Dub)August 27, 2021SonyLiv
Vivaha BhojanambuAugust 27, 2021SonyLiv
SR KalyanamandapamAugust 27, 2021Aha Video
The Family Man 2 (Dub)August 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Boomika (Dub)August 23, 2021Netflix
200 Halla Ho (Dub)August 20, 2021ZEE5 Premium
Tharagathi Gadhi DaatiAugust 20, 2021Aha Video
Dia (Dub)August 19, 2021Klapboard YouTube Channel
Merise MeriseAugust 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video (US)
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Bhuj The Pride Of India (Dub)August 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Chathur Mukham (Dub)August 13, 2021Aha Video
Netrikann (Dub)August 13, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Dial 100 (Dub)August 13, 2021ZEE5 Telugu
Shantit Kranti S1 (Dub)August 13, 2021SonyLiv
The Kissing Booth 3 (Dub)August 11, 2021Netflix
Navarasa (Dub)August 06, 2021Netflix
Super DeluxeAugust 06, 2021Aha Video
SpeedunnoduAugust 06, 2021ZEE5
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Spiral (Dub)August 05, 2021Lionsgate play

Upcoming Telugu Movies on OTT July 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
AksharaJuly 30, 2021Simply South
One [Dubbed]July 30, 2021Aha Video
HeroJuly 24, 2021Aha Video
NeedaJuly 23, 2021Aha Video
Sarpatta Parampara [Telugu Dub]July 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Vaazhl [Tamil Dubbed]July 16, 2021Sony LIV
Kudi YedamaitheJuly 16, 2021Aha App
CrrushJuly 09, 2021ZEE5
PogaruJuly 02, 2021Aha Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ElaJuly 02, 2021Aha Video
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Haseen Dillruba (Dub)July 02, 2021Netflix

Upcoming Telugu Movies on OTT Platform June 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Loki (Dub)June 30, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Jiivi (Dub)June 25, 2021Aha App
LKG (Dub)June 25, 2021Aha App
LOL SalaamJune 25, 2021ZEE5
Grahan (Dub)June 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
TrueJune 18, 2021Amazon Prime Video
In The Name of GOD (ING)June 18, 2021Aha
MoneySheJune 18, 2021Spark OTT
Jagame ThantramJune 18, 2021Netflix
MosagalluJune 16, 2021Amazon Prime Video
FearJune 12, 2021Spark OTT
Pachchis (Direct OTT)June 12, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Rang DeJune 12, 2021ZEE5
Skater Girl (Telugu)June 12, 2021Netflix
Ardha ShatabdhamJune 11, 2021Aha App
Sunflower (Telugu)June 11, 2021ZEE5
BalamitraJune 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
DOM (Telugu)June 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Kala (Telugu)June 04, 2021Aha
Parris Jeyaraj(Telugu)June 04, 2021SUN Nxt
Mortal Kombat (Telugu)June 04, 2021BookMyShow Stream
AranyaJune, 2021ZEE5
Vishal ChakraJune, 2021TBA (Coming Soon)
MosagalluJune, 2021TBA (Coming Soon)

Upcoming Telugu Movies on OTT Platform May 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Anukoni AthidhiMay 28, 2021Aha
Cab StoriesMay 28, 2021Spark OTT
Ek Mini KathaMay 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Out of Love (Telugu)May 25, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
DOM (Telugu)May 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ElaMay 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
99 SongsMay 21, 2021Netflix
Room No 54May 21, 2021ZEE5
Play BackMay 21, 2021Aha
November StoryMay 20, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
D CompanyMay 15, 2021Spark OTT
Wonder Woman 1984May 15, 2021Prime Video
CheckMay 14, 2021SUN NXT
Viay SethupathiMay 14, 2021Aha
Cinema BandiMay 14, 2021Netflix
Battala Ramaswamy BiopikkuMay 14, 2021ZEE5
Radhe (Telugu)May 13, 2021ZEE5
ShukraMay 08, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Thank You BrotherMay 07, 2021Aha
Rama YugamMay 06, 2021MX Player
MMOFMay 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Godzilla Vs Kong (Telugu)May 04, 2021BookMyShow Stream
A1 ExpressMay 01, 2021SUN NXT

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT April 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Vakeel SaabApril 30, 2021Amazon Prime Video
SulthanApril 30, 2021Aha
Godzilla Vs Kong (Telugu)April 30, 2021HBO Max
Mortal Kombat (Telugu)April 23, 2021HBO Max
Climax (Rajendra Prasad)April 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Chaavu Kaburu ChallagaApril 23, 2021Aha
Wild DogApril 22, 2021Netflix
Hello Mini 3 S03 (Telugu)April 21, 2021MX Player
Love Life and PakodiApril 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Jaago (Telugu Dub)April 17, 2021ZEE5
Falcon and the winter soldierApril 16, 2021Hotstar
Ajeeb Daastaans (Telugu)April 16, 2021Netflix
SreekaramApril 16, 2021SUN NXT
Thellavarithe GuruvaramApril 16, 2021Aha Video
SashiApril 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Ee Kathalo Paathralu KalpitamApril 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Paramapadham VilayattuApril 14, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
UppenaApril 14, 2021Netflix
Bangaru BulloduApril 14, 2021SUn NXT
PrayanikuduApril 13, 2021Airtel Xstream, MX Player, Amazon, Hungama
Yuvarathnaa (Telugu)April 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Jathi RatnaluApril 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
11th HourApril 09, 2021Aha Video
Power PlayApril 06, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
Sita On The RoadApril 03, 2021ZEE5
Aha Original “Y”April 02, 2021Aha Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT Platform October 2021

In order to saturate its users with Telugu content, Newzpandahas come up with the upcoming Telugu movies in OTT platform 2021, the data collected from OTT sandeep updates page. The main motto of Over The Top platforms is to serve its users with more captivating and engaging Telugu content to its audiences across the world.

#1 Amazon Prime Video upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2021

The most popular streaming service provider in Telugu is none other than Amazon Prime Video, which streams a lot of blockbuster movies. In fact, it purchases digital rights even before the film gets released theatrically. It’s the best OTT platform for Telugu movie lovers to watch it. If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription plan, then you can watch upcoming Telugu movies on or App. The Digital platform provides unlimited access to its users for Rs.999/-, which is literally an affordable price.

#2 Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2021

Aha Video the one and only dedicated app for Telugu film lovers is coming up with a big lineup of movies in 2021. The OTT platform has already bagged digital streaming rights of many blockbuster Telugu movies including Krack, zombie Reddy, Naandhi, Sulthan, and now Love Story. With this new josh, the platform is saturating its users with many more Originals, Shows, and Web Series.

#3 Netflix Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT Platform

Netflix is one of the leading Telugu OTT platforms that comes at very cheap prices. Netflix offers multiple plans to meet your requirements. Monthly subscription plans for mobile is Rs.199/-, basic is Rs.199/- and standard price is Rs.649/-, premium plan is Rs.799/-. Netflix lets you watch on multiple devices on a basic subscription plan and decides the number of devices you can watch on simultaneously. It allows you to alter subscription plans or revoke plans online at any moment. Netflix has its presence in more than 190 countries across the world. You can watch movies offline.

#4 ZEE5 Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2021

ZEE5 is one of India’s leading OTT platforms from the ZEE TV network group. Using the ZEE5 app you can watch unlimited Telugu TV Shows, 100+ Originals, Movies, Daily Serials, News, Live TV, and many more. The ZEE5 Telugu digital streaming platform regularly updates its catalog with new Telugu movies ad Telugu dubbed movies. So, we ( come up with an article with the curated list of upcoming Telugu movies in ZEE5 OTT.

#5 Hotstar upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT Platform

Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 100000 hours of drama and movies in 17 languages with 300 million active users. The streaming service is owned and operated by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India.

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT October 2021

Due to of the pandemic across the globe, the shoot of ongoing movies have been cancelled while some of the movies were postponed to later dates. Recently, many Tollywood biggies announced new release dates for the Most Awaited Aacharya, Akhanda, Radhe Shyam, Pushpa and six other projects. Also, some other production houses like Geetha Arts, Suresh Productions, Sri Venkateswara Creations are rethinking about releasing movies in 2022. However, we can expect a good no.of upcoming Telugu movies in OTT 2021 platforms in the next upcoming weeks of 2021. In the above table you can find the list of Telugu movies scheduled for release on OTT in USA and India.

Latest Telugu Movies in OTT October 2021

All major OTT digital platforms in India fetches the best content to satiate its users in the entertainment section. Here we are trying to mitigate the problem of finding the upcoming movies and Telugu Movie Digital Release Dates OTT sandeep updates. So, you will save your time in searching the latest content in OTT services. If you are also looking for latest movies OTT Release dates in other Indian languages then checkout the below links.

Tamil Movies in OTT Platform: Click Here
Malayalam Movies in OTT Platform: Click Here
Hindi Movies Digital Release Dates 2021: Click Here

Free Alternate Sites

Many of the people on Internet keep on searching for the latest Telugu movie for free. As there are plenty of torrent sites available online to download movies, many people are showing their interest towards the free sites like Tamilrockers, Jio Rockers, Isaimini and others. Some of these free sites are as follows.

Final Words:

If you like to watch new Telugu movies, shows and web series, then you should subscribe for leading Telugu OTT platforms like Aha Video, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, ZEE5 and other twitter pages like OTT sandeep. Telugu movies on these OTT platforms are always the best and engaging, moreover the platform holds the rights of all big movies of Tollywood and Kollywood.

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT FAQs:

✅ What are the upcoming Telugu Movies in Amazon Prime Video?

Action Entertainer “Tuck Jagadish” is the upcoming Telugu movie in Amazon Prime Video

✅ What are the Most Watched Telugu Movies in OTT Platform?

Vakeel Saab, Nani’s V and Nishabdham are the most watched Telugu movies in Prime Video.

✅ How can I watch Upcoming Telugu Movies on OTT for Free?

OTT platforms doesn’t offer latest Telugu movies for free. You need to subscribe for its premium plan to have unlimited access to thousands of movies, shows and originals in various languages.

✅ What are the upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2021 September?

Tuck Jagadish, Maestro, Ichata Vahanamulu Niluparadu, SR Kalayanamandapam, Paagal, Raja Raja Chora are the upcoming Telugu movies in OTT platform in September 2021

Stay Tuned with for more Movies Click here.

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