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Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2022: Digital Release Dates

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT May 2022: The most Tollywood streaming services are now available on Amazon Prime Video, Aha, Netflix SUN NXT, Hotstar, and ZEE. Since the corona epidemic of 2021, there has been a lot of change in the entertainment business.
OTT has become a lifesaver for not only Tollywood but also other film businesses during this time. Many Telugu movies have been shown in theatres and on-demand. Fans can use an OTT platform on this website to watch new Telugu movies before they come out in theatres. Here is a list of places where you might be able to watch Telugu movies online. Not everything is covered.

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2022: Prime Video, Aha, Netflix & More

Want to know what Telugu movies are coming out soon that you can watch on your computer or phone? So, you have to read this article. There is a list of new Telugu movies on Amazon, Netflix, Aha Video, Disney+, Hotstar, ZEE5, and other streaming services. We take a lot of care to make sure that the digital release dates for Telugu movies are always up to date. We also try to keep this list up-to-date on a regular basis so that binge-watchers can get the most out of it.

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT May 2022

Below is the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT May 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
MsMarvel (Dub)June 8, 2022Hotstar
Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna kalyanamMay 27, 2022Aha Video
kaathuvaakula rendu kaadhal (Dub)May 27, 2022Hotstar
Obi-Wan Kenobi (WS)May 27, 2022Hotstar
RRRMay 20, 2022Zee5, Netflix
AcharyaMay 20, 2022Prime Video
Resident Evil Extinction (Dub)May 20, 2022Aha Video
Men in Black 3 (Dub)May 20, 2022Aha Video
The Adventure of TinTin (Dub)May 20, 2022Aha Video
Django Unchained (Dub)May 20, 2022Aha Video
Son Of India (PTV)May 17, 2022Prime Video
KGF Chapter 2 (PTV)May 16, 2022Prime Video
PuzhuMay 13, 2022Prime Video
The Matrix Resurrections (Dub)May 12, 2022Prime Video
BeastMay 11, 2022Netflix
DongataMay 06, 2022Aha Video
ChinniMay 06, 2022Prime Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT April 2022

Below is the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT April 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Mishan ImpossibleApril 29, 2022Netflix
Gangubai Kathiawadi (Dub)April 26, 2022Netflix
GhaniApril 22, 2022Aha Video
Oh My Dog (Dub)April 21, 2022Prime Video
Bloody MaryApril 15, 2022Aha Video
James (Dub)April 14, 2022SonyLIV
Aadavallu Meeku JoharluApril 14, 2022SonyLIV
Gaalivaana (S)April 14, 2022Zee5
Stand Up RahulApril 08, 2022Aha Video
Taanakkaran (Dub)April 08, 2022Hotstar
Abhay 3 (Dub)April 08, 2022Zee5
ETApril 07, 2022Netflix
Radhe ShyamApril 01, 2022Prime Video
Hey SinamikaApril 01, 2022Netflix
Pravin Tambe EvaruApril 01, 2022Hotstar
Hello JuneApril 01, 2022Aha Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT March 2022

Below is the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT March 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Moon Knight (Dub)March 30, 2022Hotstar
Dune (Dub)March 25, 2022Prime Video
ValimaiMarch 25, 2022Zee5
Bheemla NayakMarch 24, 2022Aha, Hotstar
Super MachiMarch 22, 2022Prime Video
83 (Dub)March 20, 2022Hotstar
Sebastian PC524March 18, 2022Aha Video
June (Dub)March 18, 2022Aha Video
SaluteMarch 17, 2022SonyLIV
KhiladiMarch 11, 2022Hotstar
ClapMarch 11, 2022Sony LIV
MaaranMarch 11, 2022Hotstar
Rowdy BoysMarch 11, 2022Zee5
Undekhi S2 (Dub)March 04, 2022SonyLiv
No Time To DieMarch 04, 2022Prime Video
Undekhi S2 (Dub)March 04, 2022SonyLiv
SaamanyuduMarch 04, 2022Zee5
Rudra (Dub)March 04, 2022Hotstar
DJ TilluMarch 04, 2022Aha Video
Gangs of 18March 03, 2022Prime Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT February 2022

Below is the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT February 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Kothala RayuduFebruary 27, 2022Prime Video
SehariFebruary 25, 2022Aha Video
96 (Dub)February 18, 2022Aha Video
BangarrajuFebruary 18, 2022Zee5
83 (Dub)February 18, 2022Hotstar
HeroFebruary 11, 2022Prime Video
Malli ModalaindiFebruary 11, 2022Zee5
Bhama KalapamFebruary 11, 2022Aha Video
Mahaan (Dub)February 10, 2022Prime Video
1945February 07, 2022Sun NXT
Rocket Boys (S) (Dub)February 04, 2022SonyLIV
IPC 376February 02, 2022Prime Video
Pelli SandaDFebruary, 2022ETV OTT

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT January 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT January 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
GamanamJanuary 28, 2022Prime Video
Home Team (Dub)January 28, 2022Netflix
Arjuna PhalgunaJanuary 26, 2022Aha Video
The Humanity Bureau (Dub)January 23, 2022Tata Sky Binge
LOSER S2 (Series)January 21, 2022Zee5
Hey Jude (Dub)January 21, 2022Aha Video
Shyam Singha RoyJanuary 21, 2022Netflix
AkhandaJanuary 21, 2022Hotstar
Raja VikramarkaJanuary 14, 2022Sun NXT
SkyLabJanuary 14, 2022SonyLIV
Aranmanai 3 (Dub)January 13, 2022Zee5
Pushpa: TheRiseJanuary 07, 2022Prime Video
Varudu KaavalenuJanuary 07, 2022Zee5
LakshyaJanuary 07, 2022Aha Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT December 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT December 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
SenapathiDecember 31, 2021Aha Video
Muddy (Dub)December 31, 2021Prime Video
The Loop (Maanaadu DUB)December 24, 2021Sony LIV
WWWDecember 24, 2021Sony Liv
LaabamDecember 24, 2021Aha Video
Minnal Murali (Dub)December 24, 2021Netflix
The Suicide Squad (Dub)December 24, 2021Prime Video
Encanto (Dub)December 23, 2021Hotstar
Pelli SandadDecember 19, 2021Hotstar
Madhura WinesDecember 17, 2021Prime Video
Marakkar (Dub)December 17, 2021Prime Video
Anubhavinchu RajaDecember 17, 2021Aha Video
Kurup (Dub)December 15, 2021Netflix
The Conjuring 3 (Dub)December 15, 2021Prime Video
Maa Oori PolimeraDecember 10, 2021Hotstar
Pushpaka VimanamDecember 10, 2021Aha Video
Manchi RojuluochaieDecember 03, 2021Aha Video
Money Heist P5 V2 (Dub) SeriesDecember 03, 2021Netflix
Fast & Furious 9 (Dub)December 01, 2021BookMyShow

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT November 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Venom 2 (Dub)November 28, 2021BookMyShow
A Quiet Place 2 (Dub)November 26, 2021BookMyShow
Squid Game (Dub)November 26, 2021Netflix
BRONovember 26, 2021SonyLiv
RomanticNovember 26, 2021Aha Video
PeddannaNovember 26, 2021Netflix , SunNXT
RepublicNovember 26, 2021Zee5
Drushyam 2November 25, 2021Prime Video
Peter Rabbit 2 (Dub)November 24, 2021Netflix
Idhe Maa KathaNovember 24, 2021Prime Video
Hawkeye (Dub)November 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Bright Burn (Dub)November 23, 2021Netflix
AdbhuthamNovember 19, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Churuli (Dub)November 19, 2021SonyLiv
Maha SamudramNovember 13, 2021Netflix
Oka Chinna Family Story (webseries)November 19, 2021Zee5
Red Notice (Dub)November 12, 2021Netflix
Jungle Cruise (Dub)November 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Most Eligible BachelorNovember 12, 2021Aha Video
Shang Chi (Dub)November 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Aaradugula BulletNovember 10, 2021Prime Video
Meenakshi SundareshwarNovember 05, 2021Netflix
Varun DoctorNovember 05, 2021Netflix
Gully RowdyNovember 04, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Sridevi Soda CenterNovember 04, 2021ZEE5
Jai BhimNovember 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Kasada Tabara (Dub)November 01, 2021SonyLiv

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT October 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT October 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Alludu Garu (Webseries)October 29, 2021Aha Video
Family DramaOctober 29, 2021SonyLiv
Sarkaar (Aha Originals)October 26, 2021Aha Video
Kaane Kkane (Dub)October 26, 2021SonyLiv
Vijaya Raghavan (Dub)October 25, 2021Prime video
Laabam (Dub)October 24, 2021Netflix
Love StoryOctober 22, 2021Aha Video
Heads And TalesOctober 22, 2021Zee5
SeetimaarrOctober 15, 2021Hotstar
Free GuyOctober 15, 2021Hotstar
Friendship (Dub)October 15, 2021Prime Video
AranyaOctober 14, 2021Zee5
Raktha Sambandham (Dub)October 14, 2021Prime Video
Gully RowdyOctober 12, 2021Prime Video (US)
Thalaivii (Dub)October 10, 2021Prime Video
itlu AmmaOctober 08, 2021Sony LIV
Cold Case (Dub)October 08, 2021Aha Video
Raja Raja ChoraOctober 08, 2021Zee5
Mojin (Dub)October 07, 2021Prime Video
Mugguru MonagalluOctober 04, 2021Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala AndagaduOctober 03, 2021Prime Video
Orey BaammardhiOctober 01, 2021Aha Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT September 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT September 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
The Balkan Line (Dub)September 30, 2021Prime Video
MalleshamSeptember 26, 2021Sun NXT
Parinayam (Dub)September 24, 2021Aha Video
Jungle Cruise (Dub)September 24, 2021Hotstar
Alanti SitraluSeptember 24, 2021Zee5
AakashavaaniSeptember 24, 2021Sony Liv
Crime Stories (Dub) (Webseries)September 24, 2021Netflix
Killing VeerappanSeptember 21, 2021Spark
ISHQ Not A Love StorySeptember 20, 2021Sun NXT
KanabadutaleduSeptember 18, 2021Spark
NarasimhapuramSeptember 18, 2021Prime Video
MaestroSeptember 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Ichata Vahanamulu NiluparaduSeptember 17, 2021Aha Video
Unheard (Webseries)September 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Ankahi Kahaniya (Dub)September 17, 2021Netflix
PriyuraaluSeptember 17, 2021Sony Liv
Annabelle Sethupathi (Dub)September 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Tuck JagadishSeptember 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
SundariSeptember 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
NETSeptember 10, 2021ZEE5
Tughlaq Durbar (Dub)September 10, 2021Netflix
Dikkiloona (Dub)September 10, 2021ZEE5
The Baker and The BeautySeptember 10, 2021Aha video
Potluck (Dub)September 10, 2021SonyLiv
The Baker and the Beauty (Webseries)September 10, 2021Aha Video
Mumbai Diaries (Dub)September 09, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Parigettu ParigettuSeptember 05, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Radio MadhavSeptember 04, 2021Spark OTT
Ksheera Sagara MadhanamSeptember 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
JaSeptember 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Money Heist Season 5September 03, 2021Netflix
Black WidowSeptember 03, 2021Hotstar
CindrellaSeptember 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Pizza 2September 03, 2021Aha Video
PaagalSeptember 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT August 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT August 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
ThimmarusuAugust 28, 2021Aha Video
SR KalyanamandapamAugust 28, 2021Aha Video
Vivaha BhojanambuAugust 27, 2021Sony LIV
The Expire (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
The Family Man 2 (Webseries)August 26, 2021Prime Video
Boomika (Dub)August 23, 2021Netflix
Tharagathi Gadhi DaatiAugust 20, 2021Aha Video
Dia (Dub)August 19, 2021YouTube
Merise MeriseAugust 17, 2021Prime Video (US)
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2021Prime Video
Bhuj The Pride Of India (Dub)August 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Godzilla vs Kong (Dub)August 14, 2021Prime Video
Netrikann (Dub)August 13, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Chathur Mukham (Dub)August 13, 2021Aha Video
Dial 100 (Dub)August 13, 2021Zee5 Telugu
Shantit Kranti S1 (Dub)August 13, 2021SonyLiv
The Kissing Booth 3 (Dub)August 11, 2021Netflix
Navarasa (Web Series)August 06, 2021Netflix
Super Deluxe (Dub)August 06, 2021Aha Video
SpeedunnoduAugust 06, 2021ZEE5
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Spiral (Dub)August 05, 2021Lionsgate play

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT July 2022

Below are the list of Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT July 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
One (Dub)July 30, 2021Aha Video
HeroJuly 24, 2021Aha Video
NeedaJuly 23, 2021Aha Video
Sarpatta Parampara (Dub)July 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Vaazhl (Dub)July 16, 2021Sony LIV
Kudi YedamaitheJuly 16, 2021Aha App
CrrushJuly 09, 2021ZEE5
PogaruJuly 02, 2021Aha Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ElaJuly 02, 2021Aha Video
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Haseen Dillruba (Dub)July 02, 2021Netflix

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT June 2022

Below are the list of Telugu movies 2021 available for streaming in the month of June 2022.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Loki (Dub)June 30, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Jiivi (Dub)June 25, 2021Aha App
LKG (Dub)June 25, 2021Aha App
LOL SalaamJune 25, 2021ZEE5
Grahan (Dub)June 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
TrueJune 18, 2021Amazon Prime Video
In The Name of GOD (ING)June 18, 2021Aha
MoneySheJune 18, 2021Spark OTT
Jagame ThantramJune 18, 2021Netflix
MosagalluJune 16, 2021Amazon Prime Video
FearJune 12, 2021Spark OTT
Pachchis (Direct OTT)June 12, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Rang DeJune 12, 2021ZEE5
Skater Girl (Telugu)June 12, 2021Netflix
Ardha ShatabdhamJune 11, 2021Aha App
Sunflower (Telugu)June 11, 2021ZEE5
BalamitraJune 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
DOM (Telugu)June 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Kala (Telugu)June 04, 2021Aha
Parris Jeyaraj(Telugu)June 04, 2021SUN Nxt
Mortal Kombat (Telugu)June 04, 2021BookMyShow Stream
The Family Man 2June, 2021 (Delayed)Amazon Prime Video
AranyaJune, 2021ZEE5
Vishal ChakraJune, 2021TBA (Coming Soon)
MosagalluJune, 2021TBA (Coming Soon)

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT Platform May 2022

Tentative Dates are the expected release dates of upcoming OTT movies, based on how excited people are about them on social media. We’ll change the tentative dates to the real ones as soon as the streaming platform confirms them.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Anukoni AthidhiMay 28, 2021Aha
Cab StoriesMay 28, 2021Spark OTT
Ek Mini KathaMay 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Out of Love (Telugu)May 25, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
DOM (Telugu)May 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ElaMay 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
99 SongsMay 21, 2021Netflix
Room No 54May 21, 2021ZEE5
Play BackMay 21, 2021Aha
November StoryMay 20, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
D CompanyMay 15, 2021Spark OTT
Wonder Woman 1984May 15, 2021Prime Video
CheckMay 14, 2021SUN NXT
Vijay SethupathiMay 14, 2021Aha
Cinema BandiMay 14, 2021Netflix
Battala Ramaswamy BiopikkuMay 14, 2021ZEE5
Radhe (Telugu)May 13, 2021ZEE5
ShukraMay 08, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Thank You BrotherMay 07, 2021Aha
Rama YugamMay 06, 2021MX Player
MMOFMay 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Godzilla Vs Kong (Telugu)May 04, 2021BookMyShow Stream
A1 ExpressMay 01, 2021SUN NXT

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT April 2022

Here are some of the most anticipated Telugu movies that will be available to stream in April 2021. We expect books about Jathi Ratnalu, Uppena, and Chaavu Kaburu Challenge to come out as soon as April.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Vakeel SaabApril 30, 2021Amazon Prime Video
SulthanApril 30, 2021Aha
Godzilla Vs Kong (Telugu)April 30, 2021HBO Max
Mortal Kombat (Telugu)April 23, 2021HBO Max
Climax (Rajendra Prasad)April 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Chaavu Kaburu ChallagaApril 23, 2021Aha
Wild DogApril 22, 2021Netflix
Hello Mini 3 S03 (Telugu)April 21, 2021MX Player
Love Life and PakodiApril 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Jaago (Telugu Dub)April 17, 2021ZEE5
Falcon and the winter soldierApril 16, 2021Hotstar
Ajeeb Daastaans (Telugu)April 16, 2021Netflix
SreekaramApril 16, 2021SUN NXT
Thellavarithe GuruvaramApril 16, 2021Aha Video
SashiApril 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Ee Kathalo Paathralu KalpitamApril 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Paramapadham VilayattuApril 14, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
UppenaApril 14, 2021Netflix
Bangaru BulloduApril 14, 2021SUn NXT
PrayanikuduApril 13, 2021Airtel Xstream, MX Player, Amazon, Hungama
Yuvarathnaa (Telugu)April 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Jathi RatnaluApril 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
11th HourApril 09, 2021Aha Video
Power PlayApril 06, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
Sita On The RoadApril 03, 2021ZEE5
Aha Original “Y”April 02, 2021Aha Video

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT March 2021

List of Telugu movies releasing in March 2021 are as follows.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
TENET (Telugu)March 31, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Zombie ReddyMarch 26, 2021Aha Video
MMOFMarch 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India)
FCUKMarch 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India)
Shaadi MubarakMarch 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India)
KapatadhaariMarch 20, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India) (US)
Gaali SampathMarch 19, 2021Aha Video
A Ad InfinitiumMarch 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India)
Kshana Kshanam (2021)March 19, 2021Aha Video
NaandhiMarch 12, 2021Aha Video
TeddyMarch 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Sita on the RoadMarch 05, 2021ZEE Plex
Luca Alias JohnyMarch 05, 2021Aha

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT February 2022

List of OTT Telugu movies releasing in February 2022 are as follows.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Athade SrimannarayanaFebruary 26, 2021Aha Video
1962: The War In The Hills (Telugu)February 26, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Ninnila NinnilaFebruary 26, 2021ZEE Plex
G ZombieFebruary 26, 2021Amazon Prime Video (India)
Mr & MissFebruary 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
G ZombieFebruary 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
MoothonFebruary 24, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
Prema PipasiFebruary 24, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
REDFebruary 23, 2021SUN NXT/ Netflix
RGV Corona VirusFebruary 23, 2021Amazon Prime Video (USA)
Veerudu (Vettaikaaran)February 22, 2021SUN NXT
Cheppina Evaru NammaruFebruary 21, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Midnight Murders (Anjaam Pathira)February 19, 2021Aha Video
Pitta KathaluFebruary 19, 2021Netflix
Unhinged (Telugu)February 18, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Radha KrishnaFebruary 18, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Jai SenaFebruary 18, 2021Amazon Prime Video
WalterFebruary 15, 2021SUN NXT, Jio Cinema
Alludu AdhursFebruary 13, 2021SUN NXT
CinemavaduFebruary 12, 2021MX Player, Prime Video (USA)
Live Telecast (Telugu)February 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Tandav (Telugu)February 12, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Bhale Manchi Chowka BeramFebruary 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Ee DooramFebruary 05, 2021Prime Video, Hungama, MX Player, Airtel Xstream
Hey JudeFebruary 05, 2021Filim App
KrackFebruary 05, 2021Aha Video
The Power (Telugu)February 02, 2021ZEE Plex
G ZombieFebruary, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Athade SrimannarayanaFebruary 26, 2021Aha Video
REDFebruary 23, 2021SUN NXT
Ninnila NinnilaFebruary 26, 2021ZEE Plex
Pitta KathaluFebruary 19, 2021Netflix
Midnight MurdersFebruary 19, 2021Aha Video
Alludu AdhursFebruary 13, 2021SUN NXT
Live Telecast (Telugu)February 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Tandav (Telugu)February 12, 2021Amazon Prime Video
KrackFebruary 05, 2021Aha Video
Ee DooramFebruary 05, 2021Hungama, MX Player
The Power (Telugu)February 02, 2021ZEE Plex

Upcoming Telugu Movies in OTT 2022 January

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Solo Brathuke So BetterJanuary 01, 2021ZEE Plex (Pay Per View)
ValasaJanuary 09, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Point Blank (Adhire Abhi)January 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video, Airtel Xstream, MX Player, Hungama, VI
MailJanuary 12, 2021Aha Video
Bhoomi (Telugu dub)January 14, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Romeo Juliet (Telugu dub)January 15, 2021ZEE5
Maara (Telugu dub)January 16, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Super OverJanuary 22, 2021Aha Video
The White Tiger (Dub)January 22, 2021Netflix
Solo Brathuke So BetterJanuary 25, 2021ZEE5
MasterJanuary 29, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Wild WorldJanuary 30, 2021Shreyas ET

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