Titane Review: Palme d’Or Winning Movie Got a Release Date

Titane Review

Titane Review : When Cannes 2021 took place, everyone was so excited to see it. After all, it was after years that we finally saw our favorite celebrity on the red carpet. Whether it was Timothee Chalamet’s The French broadcast or Bella Hadid’s eye-catching dress, we all kept our eyes on the latest updates. Through the film festival, Titane was the one that caught my attention after winning the title of Palme d’Or.

I immediately searched for the film and discovered something strangely unique about it. It was so shocking that a movie like this, which isn’t made by experts, won an award, but in the end I decided to watch it.

In this article I share my experience with this horror movie and whether it is really worth watching or not. For those people who can’t take their eyes off something horror and thriller, you really need to see this article. Keep scrolling to know all about this movie in detail.

Titane: When is it coming out?

The horror movie is a sequel to RAW 2016 that is just as scary as this movie. The announcement about Titane was initially made in 2019 where the public knew it this time. Something is coming for them. Directed by the same writer of RAW, the film has released its trailer to the public.

The film has already set a release date for the US premiere. According to the officials, the Titane will be released on October 1, 2021.

You know there are some movies that will make you want to watch them and then there are others that won’t turn you on at all. Titane lies between them. After watching the trailer, the audience didn’t understand anything. This further ensures that some watch the movie and everyone else doesn’t get a little excited to watch it. It was such a big surprise that the hype for the film quickly died down after a few months.

Looking for a serious horror movie show? Well, what about the world full of zombies and stuff? The new movie World War Z II is based on the same concept and gets a blockbuster just after its release. The film stars the famous Hollywood celebrity, Brad Pitt. The public is demanding a sequel to the film, will it happen? Read this article to know all about it! Titane Review

Titane Cast: Who’s in it?

The new horror movie casts a lot of characters that may look new to you. These stars were not a popular chive among the movies, but this could be their big step. This movie revolves around Agathe Rousselle, who plays the character Alexia and has several mental disorders due to her childhood incident.

Moreover, the film starts by telling the audience about Alexia who witnessed a tragic car accident in her childhood and this accident damaged her brain a lot. Alexia comes forward and has a titanium plate on her head.

Besides her, the film follows Vincent Lindon who plays the character Vincent, and a woman who becomes intimate with the cars. Yes! This may be a disturbing thought and also some people criticized the movie for making such a disturbing scene, but there is much more than that.

If you’re wondering about the cast and character, here’s a list of them.

  • Agathe Rousselle, the main character of the film is seen as Alexia/Adrien
  • Vincent Lindon will play the part of Vincent.
  • Garance Marillier will star as Justine.
  • Lais Salameh is cast as Ryanne.
  • Dominique Frot.
  • Myrim Akheddiou.
  • Rahim Silvoli Mehdi.

Titane Review: Is It Worth Watching?

The film is heavily criticized by the critics and even by the public. Since the film has been awarded the Cannes 2021 award, one can think that it would be great.

As I experienced, I really don’t enjoy the movie at all. The movie can be considered horror to some extent, but if you want to see real horror, this isn’t it.

After watching the trailer, I can clearly see that this movie has something to check and that’s really the intimate parts. Since the film is directed by a famous director who has already worked with RAW, I had high expectations. The film also showcases the LGBTQ+ relationship that is now becoming commonplace in the movies and shows and shows the revolution itself.

The ratings of the film have been heavily influenced by the critics. According to them, the film has some disturbing content that makes the film even more affectionate than people thought. Titane Review

But for some people the movie is great and they know more about the plot. I can’t make you think one way, but if you’re confident enough to look at the sevens and this might excite you, then go for it.

A quiet place is not like that at all. This movie is set around the time of Zombies and horror scenes and would not disappoint you at all. A perfect horror movie date night with your partner or with your friends can be achieved through this movie. Check out all the details about this movie and all its sequels in detail through this article.

Is there an official trailer for the movie?

If you are really sure enough of yourself, then I only recommend watching the movie Titane in real life. But it can’t hurt to get a glimpse of this horror movie. The makers have officially released the trailer of Titane on Youtube. Aesthetically crafted, yet awful to look at, the official trailer certainly has some soothing songs in the background.

However, I highly doubt that the scenes references match the song in general. If you think you would get the idea about the plot after watching the trailer, unfortunately you are wrong. This trailer would confuse you about the plant and all you’ll see are intimate scenes, some weird horror scenes, a woman who likes to handle a car, and other action-sexual scenes.

Definitely, the movie has thrown a hill at it, but I’ll be very hesitant to show it to my own kids. Well, after listing all these things, it’s perfect for you to watch the trailer now.

Titane Review

What are the ratings of this movie?

In this section of the article, we’ll take a look at the movie’s ratings. The film has received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Therefore, this section gives you a broad perspective on the film itself.

The movie’s IMDb rating is 6.5/10 and tthe rotten tomatoes from the movie are 94%. Metacritic rated the film with 78%.

On the other hand, the audience doesn’t mind that the film only gives 2.4 stars in the overview of the viewing figures.

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