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Inma Cuesta and Roberto Álamo starer movie, The Wasteland, recently launched on the OTT platform Netflix. The film is so good that it has become part of the dialogue of individuals not only in Spain, but also all over the world. This movie is a Spanish movie. On Netflix, the English model of this movie was launched yesterday and the Spanish model’s title is El paramo or The Beast. It is a Spanish horror drama that previously hit theaters in 2021. This text is entirely devoted to this film. We are going to talk about the plot in addition to the reaction of individuals to this film.

CAST of the Wasteland

  • Inma Cuestra enjoys the character ‘Lucie’.
  • Asier Flores enjoys being “Diego.”
  • Robert Alamo performs as ‘Salvador’.
  • Alejandra Howard enjoys the position of ‘Juana’.

What is the plot of The Wasteland?

That is the story of a boy named Diego who must avoid wasting his mother on an evil eye of a beast. It is a drama mainly based on a horror storyline. Lucie and Dieo are the main characters in this feature that make up the storyline of the nineteenth century. It was a time when everyone had to stay separate from their household. People longed to remain isolated. On the other hand, the character of states was a state of struggle. Lucie, Salvador and Diego remain in their shelter behind bars that they should not be allowed to pass. Salvador tells the story of the beast that attacks all who fear it. The children begin to fear. Suddenly, the environment of the younger youngster becomes extra sinister and the story continues to point to additional horror scenes that pose extra risk during the lives of all the characters in this film.

Viewer response from now on

The film has been launched on OTT and viewers are getting startling reactions because the film is much less about horror and more about worry. It is an excellent metaphor to indicate paranoia and nervousness. This film teaches the importance of living in a group and how isolation can cause problems in your life.

The place to watch?

The Wasteland premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. As a result, all prepared viewers can enjoy this feature on the OTT platform’s community “Netflix” app. or Netflix’s official website. To watch this movie, you need to purchase a subscription to Netflix.

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