The Virtuoso Review: Anson Mount & Anthony Hopkins Can’t Save This Dull Crime Thriller

The Virtuoso Review

The Virtuoso Review: Anson Mount & Anthony Hopkins Can’t Save This Dull Crime Thriller

Mount anson takes an esteemed cast to nowhere in a boring and slow crime thriller. The virtuous has an introspective hit man seeking a mysterious target in a quiet city. He narrates almost every action while methodically carrying out his bloody work. The problem is that our supposed expert makes stupid mistakes all the time. Which leads to a pretty obvious conclusion in a one-shot final snoozer. The virtuous he’s very talented on screen, but fails to be convincing in most respects.

The virtuous (Mount anson) is very careful when planning each kill. He is a meticulous killer who prides himself on taking all contingencies into account. You know that quick decisions and a lack of credible information lead to mistakes. The virtuous live a quiet life off the grid in a remote cabin. His only company is a stray dog ​​who shows up every morning. Show a hint of compassion by feeding the equally lonely creature. The Virtuoso Review

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A routine assignment has dire consequences. The mentor (Anthony Hopkins) comforts his guilt-ridden protégé. He instructs the Virtuoso to bury his feelings deeply and move on to the next job. His business is murder without remorse. You have been given a scant clue to hunt the mark in a small town. At the local café, the enigmatic newcomer wakes up the attractive waitress (Abbie Cornish). But the deputy (David Morse) and several other clients are also interested in his arrival. The virtuous he must quickly deduce the identity of his prey, or risk becoming a prey himself.

Director / co-writer Nick Stagliano (Good day for that) employs an almost constant use of voice over narration. The virtuous says very little out loud, but explains almost all actions internally. This is used to reinforce your social anxiety and your inability for meaningful human interaction. But he’s not a rampant sociopath, as illustrated by his guilt over “collateral damage,” caring for the dog, and concern for the waitress. The problem is that your personal problems are not explored thoughtfully. And his actions are completely illogical for a supposedly so skilled assassin. The protagonist is clearly not a virtuoso in his craft.

The Virtuoso Review

Abbie Cornish is the only attractive supporting character. This is not good when you have two-time Best Actor Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, David Morse, Eddie Marsan, and Richard Brake in the set. They have clever names like the waitress, the mentor, and the helper, but they are essentially one-note characters with clumsy and sparse dialogue. I would love to read this script because I honestly cannot understand what attracted actors of his caliber to this story.

The virtuousThe action scenes are not bad, but they are fleeting and do not resonate. The whole exercise seems like a missed opportunity. I will compare it to a boring meal with expensive ingredients. You expect a lot more from a movie with a top-notch cast. The virtuous it is an indifferent study from beginning to end. It is produced by Pelican Films and Nazz Productions. The film will have a theatrical and on-demand release from Lionsgate on April 30. It will also be available May 4 on DVD / Blu-ray.

The Virtuoso Review

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