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The Scariest Horror Movie of All Time – According to Science –

The Scariest Horror Movie of All Time – According to Science

When discussing the scariest horror movie of all time, movies like the exorcist, Halloween, and The shining could appear in the conversation. However, a recent study of The Science of Scare Project explained Sinister from 2012, according to science, is the scariest movie of all time.

The Science of Scare Project conducted a survey of fifty individuals who were asked to watch more than 120 hours of what are considered some of the best horror movies. Here you will find more information about the data collected from the survey.

Scariest Horror Movie

The ultimate horror movie

For the study, the fifty participants watched fifty horror films and had their heart rate measured while watching the films. The list of movies has been compiled based on critics’ reviews and Reddit recommendations. The films were then ranked from most to least scary based on which film elicited the greatest physical reaction from the participants.

According to the data, Sinister drew the biggest physical reaction and thought it was the scariest movie of all time, based on the study. Sinister took the heart rate of an average person in the study and increased it to an average of 86 beats per minute (BPM) for each viewer. The highest peak in BPM was 131, which came with the largest jump scare of Sinister. For the record, the average resting heart rate is about 65 BPM.

In second place is treacherous, which produced the largest jump scare by heart rate at 133 BPM. treacherous also had the most jump scares of the fifty films. Other films in the top five are: the incantation, Heir apparent, and Paranormal Activity.

The Scariest Horror Movie
Scariest Horror Movie

Sinister‘s reputation

Before this study was published, Sinister had a solid reputation in the horror community. Sinister stars Ethan Hawke and is directed by Scott Derrickson. On his release, Sinister received praise for his acting, directing and cinematography, but was criticized for relying heavily on horror cliches and jump scares.

Sinister admirably performed At the register, which brought in $87.7 million. In 2015 it even got a sequel, but Sinister 2 is considered significantly worse than its predecessor. Even though the audience praised Sinister, it received only sixty-three percent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sinister revolves around a father who moves his family into a home of a recently murdered family. The father discovers images of the murdered family and finds in the images a demonic entity known as Bagul. Soon, Bagul begins to terrorize his family, leaving them in a supernatural nightmare.

The Scariest Horror Movie
Scariest Horror Movie

Responses to the survey

Did Sinister Really Deserve the Scariest Movie Title? While the data from the study says: Sinister is the scariest movie, many horror fans took to Twitter to express their own opinion. Numerous different tweets flew in about of Sinister deserved to win.

Some declared Sinister was the scariest movie they’ve ever seen in theaters, others said as it is scary, it’s a huge exaggeration to call it the scariest movie of all time. Some tweeted that they didn’t even like it Sinister all together.

Some also exclaimed that the study itself is flawed. The study only considers viewers’ physical reaction while watching the film. For many, anxiety is determined by how much the movie stays with them after the movie ends. Psychological reactions can be scarier than physical reactions.

The Scariest Horror Movie
Scariest Horror Movie

While Sinister has a lot of jump scares, a movie like The shining may be considered scarier to many due to its psychological horror. A user on Twitter says the research is flawed because it’s based on how viewers react to startle responses while watching a movie like jaws scared an entire generation of going to the beach.

Scaryness in a horror movie is completely subjective. Someone who is afraid of clowns will be more afraid of It then Sinister. Many may disagree about how scary Sinister but science considers it the scariest horror movie of all time.

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