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The Dolan Twins Quickly Unload Their Colorful Midcentury Home for Nearly $3M

Though they bought it just two years ago, public records confirm that social media superstars Ethan and Grayson Dolan unexpectedly sold their sublime mid-century modern home for nearly $ 3 million. That’s a big step up from the $ 2.2 million now-retired YouTubers paid for the Encino property in 2019; According to the listing, the home was “sold before processing,” meaning a buyer jumped in before the place had a chance to officially go on the market. Records reveal that the new owner is a local woman who is clearly quite rich but not famous.

While they made an $ 800,000 profit on paper, the Dolan also did extensive renovations to the house, a single-level structure originally built in 1958 by little-known architect John P. Pederson. When they bought the place, the decor was harmlessly bland to the point of banality, with white walls and shades of gray throughout. The twins remedied that by adding spicy pops of color and new furniture throughout – hot pink chairs and bench seats paired with a forest green wall, floral wallpaper in the living room, and vivid patterned wallpaper in the bedroom. principal. There is also a secondary bedroom suite with an emerald green wall and moss green floor-to-ceiling shower tiles.

But perhaps the Dolan’s most controversial change is outside the house. When they bought it, the half-acre lot featured a large, irregular-shaped pool with a built-in spa. Updated photos show they removed the pool and spa, filled the entire building with dirt, and covered the watery grave with a grassy lawn.

Pool removal is highly unusual in suburban Los Angeles, where backyard swimming has been highly coveted since the COVID-19 pandemic. But the twins added a bunch of other features to compensate as well: There’s now an outdoor gym, which kept the exercise-oriented twins busy during the pandemic. There is also a new outdoor sauna in the master bedroom and a hillside gazebo with a ‘sunset cocktail bar’ as listed, plus a custom ‘cottage’ / shed Ethan Dolan built as a surprise for his brother .

Born and raised in New Jersey, the Dolan Twins first stood out as teens on the now-defunct Vine app, before moving on to YouTube and Tik Tok. The couple became a millionaire after reaching more than 10 million subscribers and 1.8 billion lifetime views on YouTube, where they were known for their collaborations with other high-profile personalities such as Emma Chamberlain, James Charles and Jeffree Star.

It is not yet known where the twins, both 21, are headed on their real estate journey. But it’s been nearly a year since the couple officially left YouTube to start other ventures, so they certainly have the freedom to part ways with their Los Angeles residential anchor entirely.

José López-Cepero and Andrew Rhoda of Compass made the list; Cindy Ambuehl of Compass represented the buyer.

This story first appeared on, which includes additional photos.

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