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The Desperate Hour Movie: Release Date, Plot and Cast

The Desperate Hour Movie: Release Date, Plot and Cast

Want to learn more about the upcoming thriller-drama film, The Desperate Hour? If so, then you’ve come to a great place. You are going to witness a thrilling ride with amazing details and updates about this movie. The content in front of you can definitely give you goosebumps because of such stunning updates that you are about to watch. Are you really desperate to watch “The Desperate Hour”? Then we’d like to let you know that this movie will hit your screens very soon. It will surely give you a lot of fun, because every segment of this movie will be top notch.

This movie features the very famous actress Naomi Watts who is also an Academy Award nominee. This movie is all about her character, and it’s going to be another woman-centric movie that will give you some real explosions of madness. “The Desperate Hour”, as the name suggests, revolves around a woman who desperately races to save her child after police completely shut down her area due to an active shooting incident. Naomi Watts is a well known actress who is known for some of her really amazing works. We know her fans are just really curious to see this movie ASAP. Here are all the latest updates about this movie.

Naomi Watts

The Desperate Hour Release Date & Latest Updates

The Desperate Hour is all set for a theatrical release on February 25, 2022. As of now, it will hit theaters in the US and Canada. We know that Naomi has a huge following of fans all over the world. That’s why we have a great update for all her fans from every corner of this world. Vertical Entertainment and Roadside Attractions, the distribution partners of this film, have officially announced that not only the theatrical film, but also this film will be getting a digital release.

So there is nothing to worry about as every fan of Naomi will be able to see her upcoming masterpiece movie. Though not much details are revealed about the digital release of this movie. We are still waiting for some strong and exciting updates to it. Still, we can give you an overview that you can expect this movie to hit Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus anytime after its theatrical release. When the creators of this movie release their official statement regarding the digital release of this movie, we’ll just update it here.

the desperate hour 2022 release date
A still from this movie

Trailer of the desperate hour

Roadside Flix has already released an official trailer of this movie on their official YouTube channel. This trailer has gotten really great reactions and the fans love it. The most striking thing about this film is the amazing performance by Naomi Watts. She really did a great job. The comment section of this trailer is simply full of praise for Naomi. All her fans love her. If you’re one of those who haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can watch it here.

Team behind this thriller film

Some really great and famous personalities are behind the making of this exciting movie. Phillip Noyce is the real brain behind this movie as he is the director of this movie. Christopher Sparling is the writer of this movie. After watching the trailer, fans are very confident that the storyline will really be worth watching. Andrew D. Corkin, Chris Parker, Christopher Sparling, David Boies, Dylan Sellers, Alex Lalonde and Zack Schiller co-produced this film with Untapped, BSchiller Entertainment and Limelight Productions.

John Brawley managed all the cinematic work on this film, and Lee Haugen and his team did all the editing work. Fil Eisler is the music director and music producer of this film. Vertical Entertainment and Roadside Attractions own all distribution rights to this film. This complete movie was shot in the North Bay area of ​​Ontario, Canada in 2020. As of now, we have shared all the important details that we have gathered about this movie. Keep an eye on Otakukart for more such updates.

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