Teen Suffers Miscarriage In Clash After England’s Euros Final Loss

In an unprovoked attack after the UEFA Euro 2020 final, a pregnant woman tragically lost after kicking and stamping her baby. Last Sunday, 18-year-old Beth Newman was attacked while leaving a bubble called Quart in a Bind Pot in the UK market. His phone was also stolen when four to six girls were attacked.

When Beth’s mother found out she had a seizure, she hurried out of the house. After a head injury, the young man was taken to hospital for treatment. Beth said she was in great pain and had seizures on her way to the hospital.

“It’s not completely triggered. I passed the first girl, I was walking back to the pub to catch my friends, she looked me up and down, she looked at my back, she said ‘What the fuck are you looking at?’ I said quietly,” What’s your problem? ” I asked, quoting the cantonline bed.

She started to walk away and the other women came up behind her and then grabbed her blade before punching her in the head. She tried hard to defend herself, but very soon a large crowd gathered around her.

Beth had to stay in the hospital for four days, and two days later she started a bleeding post and was found to have lost her baby.

Recalling the unfortunate incident, Beth said the miscarriage occurred when she was kicked in the head and then stamped.

England lost to Italy in the Euro final, followed by unprovoked violence across London.

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