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Tatis, Paddack Lead Padres Past Braves In Twinbill Opener

Atlanta: Fernando Todd Jr. scored a two-run homer, starter Chris Paddock reversed his latest struggles and San Diego Patros thrashed the Atlanta Braves 3-2 in their first game of the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Todd advanced 3-0 against reliever Shane Green in the fifth inning as his NL-lead 29th homer landed in the left-field seats. His last five games at the All-Star Shortstop include eight wins, seven runs and six Reserve Banks.

Paddock (6-6), who has a 10.31 ERA in his last five appearances, served in a five-point unbeaten innings, allowing three wins and a walk without a strikeout.

All-Star close-up Mark Melloncon folded it to seventh place for the Patriots, taking his main league-leading 28th save with 32 chances.

In fourth place was Patrez leading 1-0, with Jurican Profer doubling the right wall with an out, while Kyle Mல்லller advanced to the second wild pitch, scoring on a Ha-Seong Kims sacrifice flight.

Mல்லller (1-3) allowed two wins and walked three of four innings, coming out of the crowd in first and third places. Green, who came in fifth, increased his era to 10.38.

The Braves got to a 3-2 lead in the sixth game against Drew Pomeranz, who singled out Freddie Freeman for a double in the Ozzy Albis and scored on the passing ball. The Alps scored while Austin was flying the relay sacrifice.

Paddock retired the first five batters he faced before Guillermo Heredia singled in the second match. Kevin Smith had a second win in the third inning, but was caught in the third.

San Diego dropped four of six and started the third day in the NL West with 5 1/2 games for first-place San Francisco. Braves entered the NL East in 3 1/2 games behind the top-ranked New York Mets.

Scoring Voss

The Braves have scored a total of nine runs in their last eight doubleheader games.

Leather Flash

In fifth place the pinch-hitter took a diving catch on the first slide of the head in the center field to rob Abraham Almonday.

UP Next

Braves RHP Bryce Wilson (2-3, 5.34 ERA) face RHP Reyes Nehru (0-0, 4.91) in the second game of the doubleheader. Wilson and Nehru were both called up from Triple-A to serve as their team’s 27th.

RHP will be paired with Charlie Morton (8-3, 3.69) and Matt Moore (0-1, 5.25) as Atlanta begin their four-game series in Philadelphia on Thursday. San Diego, who will open a four-game series in Miami, has yet to announce a starter, nor will Marlins.


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