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Suraj Gowda’s Ninna Sanihake Movie OTT Release Date Coming Soon

Suraj Gowda’s Ninna Sanihake Movie OTT Release Date Coming Soon

Kannada movie Ninna Sanihake, which was released in theaters on October 8, will be released soon on OTT platform. The film, starring Suraj Gowda and Dhanya Ramkumar in the lead roles, marked Suraj Gowda’s directorial debut, which hit theaters for more than four weeks.

Suraj Gowda hinted that the film will be released on OTT by the end of this month. When I leave our last show, I have nothing but gratitude. Thank you for all the love and support in our film.

My greetings go out to our producers Akshay Rajshekar and Ranganath Kudlifor, who got through all the troubles. Honestly, I’m grateful to have worked with such a good team.

Raghu Dixit, you are a gem and I can’t wait to work with you again. Dhanya Ramkumar can’t wait to see you receive the Best Debut Award. Abhilash Kalathi, your work speaks louder than our words.

For anyone who missed our movie, we’ll see you all by the end of this month on an OTT digital platform you love (sic).”

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