Super Machi Movie Review – 140 Minutes of Torture

Super Machi Movie Review – 140 Minutes of Torture

Super Machi Movie Review – 140 Minutes of Torture

140 minutes of torture




What is the movie about?

Raju (Kalyaan Dhev) works as a singer in Mass Bar, a small bar. A tech Meenakshi (Rachita Ram) is after him and desperately tries to win him over while he resists and insults her. She even gets ready to sleep with him to convince him to love her. Why is she so desperate? What’s in it that impressed her so much? Makes up the rest.


Kalyaan Dhev - super machi review

Kalyaan Dhev got a bad review for his performance in his first movie, Vijetha, and he didn’t improve much for his second either. We get to see him throughout the movie with a single expression no matter what happens.

There is no effort on his part that fails to emote even for the simplest scenes.

The dubbing also looks so out of place without proper lip sync. The only notable part is his decent dance moves.

Puli Vasu


Super Machi – let’s start with the title first. There’s no justification for calling the movie as such, other than that it sounds good and goes to a famous song. Moving on to the story, it’s a bundle of various illogical, silly and comedic errors that hit the audience like a bolt of lightning.

In the first half, we see an IT girl earning more than 1 Lac a month trying to hit on a singer in a cheap bar. That should be a big lottery for everyone, but our hero says No and insults her.

The girl is getting ready to go to bed with him, but what we see are some incredible sermons from the hero and later his family (sorry for the spoiler). There’s a twist in the break that makes you feel a little better in hopes of something good in the second half.

But what follows next is a gigantic farce. Without some suspense, the twist will never be revealed. It just exists for existence. We see the same love story happening in reverse in flashback mode. And there’s a father track to tie both love tracks together. The father number is a joke on the intellect of the public. Once that Tamasha is completed, a pointless fight is thrown out of nowhere and the trauma for the audience ends.

Finally, the best part about Super Machi is the relief we feel that it’s over and the worst part is the fact that it existed and someone spent so much time and money on it.

Ruchitha Ram - super machi review


Rachitha Ram, a star heroine in the Kannada film industry, is the only saving grace of the film. She got a stupid character but still came with a decent performance. She looked good in the first half, but with so many close-up shots in the second, she looked a bit off. The traditional clothing of the second half also did not suit her.

Naresh and Pragathi played Hero’s parents. They are too loud as usual. Rajendra Prasad looked silly in a character who is part routine and part dumb. Tanikella Bharani and Ajay are seen in most of the clueless and forgettable characters.

Music and other departments?

Puli Vasu, the film’s director, has come up with a silly subject and executed it equally poorly. The less we talk about it, the better it is. The director has been a TV series director in the past. With all due respect, this is a worse product than some of the worst TV shows ever.

Thaman has composed music for the film and is to some extent the sole savior of the film. But yeah, all the songs are like classic examples of misplacement. Some dialogues are well written. The camera work is okay while most of the locations looked repetitive. Even at 140 minutes, the film feels unbearably long.




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