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Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: The Ending Explained Of And What Could Happen Later In The Series

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: Although there were several theories about what could happen in Stranger Things 4, we were finally able to confirm or deny them after its premiere on Netflix. However, the many plots that this new season follows could confuse fans of the series. Therefore, here we explain the end of each of them and what we could expect for season 4 Vol 2.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: The Ending Explained and Summary

When fans catch up with the series, it will have been six months since the Battle of Starcourt that left the town of Hawkins in terror and destruction. As they continue to deal with the fallout, the friends are separated for the first time, and navigating the complexities of school doesn’t make things any easier. At this most vulnerable moment, a horrifying new supernatural threat emerges, presenting a gruesome mystery: if they can solve it, they could put an end to the horrors of the Other Side.

Will, Mike, Jonathan, and Argyle in California

In the first episodes of this fourth season, we could see how Mike takes a flight from Hawkins to visit Eleven in California during the summer holidays. However, his fun plans are overshadowed when Eleven’s bullies spring into action and humiliate her in front of everyone. Although at first, Eleven shows sadness for what happened, her feelings transform until they reach anger. This causes him to hit Angela, who mainly annoys her, with a skateboard to the face, which causes nasal trauma accompanied by a lot of blood.

Eleven is subsequently arrested for her actions and as they are about to take her to a juvenile detention center, she is intercepted by Dr. Brenner’s team. They save her from going to jail but in exchange for her agreeing to go with them to a lab to participate in the “Nina project”, which promises to make her recover her powers.

Eleven accepts the proposal and goes with them, but only leaves a simple note to let Mike know of her decision. However, Dr. Brenner’s team assigns protection for the boys, as there are people from the government who want to find Eleven, as they think she is the cause of all the evils in Hawkins. Jonathan, Mike, and Will decide to escape from their assigned guards, but just as they are about to do so, the government storms the Byers’ house with gunshots and gunshots. They manage to escape the attack alongside one of Brenner’s agent thanks to Argyle’s help. However, the man dies, but not before giving them a pen containing certain key digits that will direct them to where Eleven is.

At first, they think it’s a phone number, but then they realize it’s a computer number. To find out what it is, they decide to travel to Salt Lake City, where the only hacker they know is found, who is Suzie, Dustin’s girlfriend. Arriving there, Suzie manages to solve the mystery, which is a UP address that she points to some coordinates in Nevada. The last appearance of this team is when it is seen that they are determined to start this new journey to rescue Eleven, which they are expected to do in the next part of the fourth season.

Hopper, Joyce, and Murray in Russia

In the first episodes, you can see how Joyce receives a hidden message in a Russian doll, which tells her that Hopper is alive, but is a prisoner in Russia. With the help of Murray, they manage to find out if it is not a scam until they decide to follow the instructions of the person who sends such messages and get money to negotiate Hopper’s release. To do this, they undertake a trip to Russia but are betrayed by Yuri, who supposedly would help them with their escape.

Although the former Hawkins policeman manages to escape from the Russian prison, when he is finally released he is captured again due to Yuri’s betrayal. As if that were not enough, Joyce and Murray are drugged to be sold to the Russians, but in mid-flight, they manage to free themselves and confront Yuri. After their plane crashes, they tie up Yuri and force him to tell them where Hopper is. They put together a plan and manage to infiltrate the Russian prison, where Hopper is about to be eaten by a Demogorgon.

However, thanks to the fact that he uses fire, he can deal with it. Also, Joyce and Murray continue their strategy, whereby they help Hopper escape the monster from the Upside Down. Finally, we can see the reunion between Joyce and Hopper with a big hug, but it remains to be seen in the second part of the fourth season how they finally manage to escape from the Russian prison.

Eleven In The Laboratories Of The “Nina Project”

After Eleven decides to accompany Dr. Brenner, she is directed to the “Nina project” labs. There she meets again with Dr. Owens, also known as “Papa”. However, when she sees him, she is filled with fear and tries to escape. She doesn’t make it and she ends up being sedated to cooperate with the treatment that promises to restore her powers. The treatment consists of making her relive memories of her past, which show how she obtained her powers. When she tries to escape again, she realizes that her abilities are returning, so she voluntarily decides to stay.

Although at the beginning of the series we are led to believe that Eleven was responsible for killing the other children in the Hawkins laboratories, at the end of the season it is revealed through these memories who was responsible. This is Peter Ballard, who was just another employee of the laboratories, but, he is number 1, the original child on whom all the experiments that gave Eleven her powers were based.

In the end, it is revealed not only that he killed everyone, but that he faced Eleven and she was able to defeat him. However, her power discharge was so strong that she opened the portal to the Upside Down, where she sent Ballard unaware that she would later become Vecna, the monster that haunts Hawkins in Season 4. It is expected that the second part of this season will delve deeper into the origin of Ballard’s powers and that Eleven fully recovers her powers and then confronts him.

The Rest Of The Team At Hawkins

After Chrissy died in Hawkins under mysterious circumstances, Max suspects she has something to do with the Upside Down, so he tells Dustin his suspicions. Both tell their theory to Steve and Robin, who help them find Eddie, the main suspect in what happened. When they find him, Eddie confirms that the cheerleader’s death was a terrifying situation, as she seemed to be possessed. This is how they begin to generate theories about Vecna, the new monster that frightens Hawkins. They then share what they know with Nancy, who supplements her information with what she has found out for the school newspaper.

Shortly after, however, Vecna ​​strikes again, causing the death of another Hawkins boy, Fred. Nancy suspects that she has something to do with the Victor Creel story, so she and Robin decide to visit him at the psychiatric hospital where he is locked up. On the other hand, Max is frightened because she discovers that she suffers from the same symptoms that Chrissy and Fred had before they were murdered. Also, she begins to have visions in which she sees Vecna.

That is why he decides to write letters to say goodbye to his loved ones, including Billy, to whom he reads what he wrote in front of his grave. There he suffers another attack from Vecna but manages to escape thanks to Nancy and Robin finding a way to stop him due to the information Victor Creel gave them. However, Vecna ​​continues to attack and kills another boy from Hawkins named Patrick. The boys discover that there may be a portal to the Upside Down in the lake, where Dustin’s compass directs them. Steve decides to explore if the portal exists but is sucked into it. Nancy, Robin, and Eddie help him by jumping into the lake, but then all four of them get stuck in the Upside Down.

Meanwhile, Max, Dustin, and Lucas are caught by the police, as the town believes that members of the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ club are behind the deaths in Hawkins. They are questioned by the police and by their parents, but the boys do not stop worrying about their older friends. This is how through the lights Nancy, Eddie, Robin, and Steve communicate with them. They discover that there is a portal in every place where Vecna ​​killed someone, so both the Hawkins team and the one in the Upside Down decide to go to Eddie’s house, where Chrissy’s death occurred. This implies that minors escape from the police and their parents.

When they get there, they manage to help them escape from Upside Down, but just when Nancy is going to do so, she is attacked by Vecna, who decides to tell her her story. She discovers that he is actually the son of Victor Creel and that he subsequently became Number 1 for the Hawkins Labs where Eleven grew up. This ends the last episode, so the question remains whether Nancy will survive Vecna’s attack or if she will be one of her victims. Furthermore, it remains to be seen how the boys escape the trials of the town of Hawkins, as it is increasingly thought that they have something to do with the “satanic rite” behind the murders.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: Ending Explained?

In chapter 7 of volume 1 of the fourth season, Stranger Things practically illustrated the origin of the entire mythology of the popular Netflix series, revealing who is the key villain behind the story that started in 2015. First, Murray and Joyce manage to infiltrate the Soviet prison, seeking to rescue Hopper, but Hopper still had to face the Demogorgon that the Russians had locked up in one of the dungeons, using the “fuel” and fire he got in the previous chapter. . Although also with the help of his allies, who practically took control of those responsible for the detention center.

Nancy, Steven, Robin, and Eddie’s group once they made it through the Otherworld, headed to the Wheeler’s alternate house to get the weapons that Nancy hid in her room, after the previous events in the story. At the house, Nancy discovers that time in the Otherworld does not keep up with the real world and that they are in the past, the day Will disappeared, November 6, 1983.

Even so, they manage to contact Dustin, who, reflecting on the crack in the Lake of Lovers, deduced that Vecna’s victims are his way of establishing psychic connections through the space and time of both worlds, for the same reason they leave a gap. to the Other Side at each of the crime scenes. For that reason, Henderson sends the rest to the alternate trailer park, where Vecna ​​killed Chrissy, to cross back.

Although Eddie and Robin manage to cross, just as Nancy is about to do so, she enters a trance like that of Vecna’s victims before they are killed, which leads her to confront the villain’s home, where he begins to reveal his story.

On the other hand, after spending most of the episodes without her powers, when confronted with the records of the massacre that took place years ago in Hawkins’ lab, Eleven finally regains her abilities and prepares to attack. confront Vecna ​​and contain the breaches of the Other Side to save the town. That, not before discovering that the massacre was calculated by Dad but against her because she was afraid of her powers and knew that he couldn’t control her.

Dad wanted Two and the rest to kill Eleven, but their plan went completely backward, as seen earlier in the season. Although Eleven was not directly responsible for the deaths of the rest of the children, it was Uno, the first experimental child, who turned out to be the nurse who helped Eleven and who unleashed his revenge against all the staff and test subjects of the laboratory, after the protagonist, trusting him, removed a device that was embedded in his skin and that inhibited his powers.

One then reveals himself to be none other than Henry Creel, the son of Victor Creel, the man who was in the mental hospital convicted of the deaths of his wife and children. One developed his powers at a young age, after becoming obsessed with spiders, which he describes as “deeply misunderstood solitary creatures”, who are “the gods of our world, they immobilize and devour the weak, establishing a balance in an unstable ecosystem.”

“Humans are a unique type of plague that multiplies and poisons our world, all the while imposing its structure. A deeply unnatural structure”, adds Uno in his story, evidencing his intention to free himself from the control that society sought to impose on him with ” invented rules.

Joining the arachnids and discovering the extent of his powers, Uno begins to kill animals around his house and feed his hatred for humans, including his mother, whom he ends up killing because she knew about his disorder, did not understand it and That’s why I was afraid of him.

One killed his mother and sister. But in the effort, he was exhausted, almost as if he, too, were dead. Victor Creel was framed for the crimes, while Uno ended up in the lab of Martin Brenner, Papa.

Brenner wanted to “recreate” Uno to control his power and when he realized that with this first experimental subject the matter was going to get out of hand, he implanted the device to inhibit the powers. Thus, while Brenner continued to replicate children with powers, including Eleven, One remained a prisoner as a nurse in Hawkins’ laboratory, accumulating rage along the way.

When Uno invites Eleven to join his crusade to eliminate mortals without powers, she refuses, and they start a fight in which it seems she was going to be defeated. But using the power of her memories, Eleven manages to reverse the situation.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: What Does The End Mean? Who is Vecna?

In the memories that make her detonate her powers again, Eleven regains control and puts Uno against the wall with all her might. The energy invested in the task is such that she opens the first gap to the Other Side and sends her opponent into that dimension. The gap is closed, and it is the break between worlds that is seen at the beginning of the series, in the laboratory.

Flying through the Other Side, Uno is struck by lightning that burns him and leaves him in the initial state of what the protagonists call Vecna ​​from the beginning of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1. One is Vecna, the one responsible for all the misfortunes that have befallen Hawkins, the wielder of the original power who was seduced by Evil and the “five-star general” who dispatched the Demogorgon and the Mindflayer in previous seasons.

Eleven created Vecna ​​and this triggered an act of new revenge that has been known throughout the existence of Stranger Things. On the other hand, as previously reported by the creators, the current season is designed with a three-act narrative structure, Presentation – Development – End, so at the end of Volume 1, we are facing the outcome of this arc.

“Episode 7 is as big as any season finale we’ve ever had, so it made sense for everyone involved to split the season there. Episode 7 serves as the second act finale, and we felt like our final act had enough meat on the bone to form Volume 2,” the Duffer Brothers told Variety.

In addition, they advanced that “we always knew that Season 4 was going to be the penultimate season and that its ending would fit directly into Season 5. During the six-month pause due to the pandemic, we outlined Season 5 and presented it to Netflix”.

“Everyone there had also been around when we first launched the show in 2015. While we were strangers then, we were friends now and there were a lot of tears when it ended”.

“It’s just been an extraordinary journey for all of us, and while it’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end, we feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing partners.”

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