Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review: The Supersonic Hedgehog Returns In A Bigger, More Spectacular And More Fun

cast: James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, Natasha Rothwell, Adam Pally, Shemar Moore and More

director: Jeff Fowler

Where To Watch: In Theaters

Filmyhype.com Ratings: 3/5 (three stars)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 arrives in the room, the second chapter of the Sonic film series, also this time directed by Jeff Fowler, based on the video game of the same name that came out of the big belly of the Japanese multinational Sega in 1991, and has become over the decades a real empire, both from the point of view of the contribution in the gigantic imaginary of the playful video world, and of the economic one, considering the merchandise that came out of it.

Rated for a long time as one of the characters vying for the scepter of the best in the history of video games, in comparison with Super Mario, it is in fact today among the top seven best-selling ever. Little Sonic is a blue hedgehog, coming from the planet Mondian, lively and full of life, with a sparkling spirit, proactive and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​new missions to accomplish.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review: The Story

It was clear from the first chapter of this successful film adaptation that the 2020 film was just a fun and succulent appetizer to a more ambitious project, aimed at expanding the narrative universe of Sonic also on the big screen. And in fact Sonic 2 is a larger, more spectacular, more bombastic movie than its predecessor, while choosing not to deviate an inch from the light tones that had made it successful. Just two years ago the first film adaptation was released, with that star actor Jim Carrey in the role of Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, evil villain with a long mustache and a bald head, who again joyfully plays his role.

And then, also resuming the ending of sonic first movie, the story opens by revealing the fate of dr. Robotnik, trapped by the same hedgehog on the Planet of Mushrooms. Here, after spending several months looking for a way to return to Earth, he is finally intercepted by a mysterious tribe and meets Knuckles, a red echidna with a warmongering soul and determined to go on the trail of our hero, since its fate seems to be linked to that of an ancient relic that would give its owner unlimited powers. It is enough to know a minimum of the “lore” of SEGA video games to understand what we are talking about, and in this sense, already from the prologue, video game fans will be intrigued by how the original narrative universe takes shape even more concretely than the first Sonic in this live-action transposition.

sonic 2

Meanwhile, our paladin is adapting to his new life on Earth: after being “adopted” by Tom and his wife, the supersonic creature is divided between a forcibly normal existence and his urge to help people in difficulty, improvising himself as a hero. night with the result of combining more trouble than anything else. But when his in-laws drift away for an entire weekend due to a commitment, what seemed to Sonic a laid-back, fun-filled weekend turns into a new battle to save the world.: Dr. Eggman, re-emerged from the depths of the universe in which he had been confined, finally returned with the impetuous Knuckles in his wake, with the aim of eliminating his fast enemy forever and seizing an ancient power capable of to make him the undisputed master of the world. This time Sonic is not alone in the fight to avert disaster: little Tails Prowler, an adorable two-tailed fox, comes to our planet to support our favorite porcupine, and will prove to be a precious ally from the beginning thanks to his ingenuity. superfine and its prodigious technological gadgets.

Sonic’s job is to stem the doctor’s evil intentions as he attempts to climb the world of responsibility, hoping, in the meantime, to win the affectionate approval of his parental friends Tom and Maddie Wachowski (James Marsden and Tika Sumpter). Unexpectedly joining the new adventure are two old acquaintances from the game: Tails, a double-tailed fox, and Knuckles, a red echidna. The first will ally with the protagonist and support him with his infinity of gadgets, while the second will initially start from his planet with the intention of killing Sonic, and our little heroes will show us the way to reveal what it means. to be friends, enemies and in all that fight hard.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review and Analysis

Sonic 2 is definitely what can be defined as a product for families, just of a probable lack (if not total absence) of preparation of the viewer regarding the video game. Jeff Fowler’s film stems from already very fertile ground and manages to obtain a great success with the first release just before the start of the lockdown. With this sequel it keeps the same rhythm, adding more, even with the help of many references to the game, but not only.

From a writing point of view, Sonic 2 is a perfect successor to the first chapter: if Sonic 1 stood as an origin story, the second episode is that of the confirmation and consolidation of its narrative universe, an extremely canonical and devoid of any particular flash. The protagonist, despite having already averted a threat, must understand what it means to be a hero and when it’s time to really be one. Above all, Sonic must learn to face evil not for his own complacency, but to take on his responsibilities towards others. A rhetoric as simple as it is effective, especially for a very young audience. As already mentioned, the atmosphere of Jeff Fowler’s film is aimed precisely at this last slice of audience, filled with an animated comedy that in this sequel is reinforced by an extremely childish comedy.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It must be admitted that not all the narrative machinery works properly, especially in some segments of the film where comedy takes over a little too much. Parts of the plot that, in the end, are even immaterial in the economy of the whole story, and which perhaps could also have been done without. Above all because the funniest frame of the film, more than some supporting actors of whom it matters little or nothing, is supported again by the pillars of the first chapter: on the one hand the sympathy, tenderness and freshness of the interdimensional animals, enriched by the presence of two new protagonists to be discovered; on the other hand the charisma and stage presence of a Jim Carrey who is always in shape, perfectly placed in the guise of an even more exaggerated and over the top villain of the previous iteration. To the point that all the other surrounding characters seem to be eclipsed, starting with a James Marsden and a Tika Sumpter less central than in the past, up to all the other forgettable secondary faces.

To keep the tenor of the story high is certainly the malice traced by the interpretation of Jim Carrey, who perhaps at times recalls that Riddler who was in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever in ’95. And the reason is that it is extremely evident how much his personal fun is always in doing everything he does: the look of a pleased and narcissistic jester, but with that melancholy and good-natured streak that often escapes him, without perhaps even realizing it . So much so that when he leaves the scene, or the sequences foresee completely different settings, the estate of the narrative trend drops.

But, after all, it doesn’t matter. The sketches bring out a few smiles and the characters return that placid, muffled confidence that everything will be for the best. And to carry out everything according to the program are above all the dialogues and the performance of the rest of the cast, which is inevitably didactic, but all in all credible. To play the part of the heroes who reflect and change their positions after a careful examination of the surrounding reality, are the most unsuspected, especially using a child’s gaze, which in these cases is certainly the best to keep. Finally, to crown it all, a firm note of merit to the action scenes. Those, yes, give some little top player emotions.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review: The Last Words

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 not only confirms the formula of its predecessor, but enhances every single aspect, sometimes exaggerating a bit in the comedy packaging of the production. On the other hand, even with some forgettable secondary faces and a small too superfluous plot segment, the new adventure of our beloved supersonic hedgehog will be a riot of colors, explosions, rings and increasingly incredible powers, in a sequel that brings the battle for the fate of the world on another level than the first chapter. Bigger, more ambitious and more fun, Sonic 2 rests its main qualities on the talent of a huge Jim Carrey and the sympathy of his lively heroes. If the boyish approach of the first Sonic had not convinced you, unfortunately, you will hardly be kidnapped by a sequel that amplifies its trappings self.

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