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Sonia Singh Rajput Web Series Watch Full Episode Online

Sonia Singh Rajput is an actress who has appeared in films and web series. She also continued to work for various brands and do commercial campaigns. She rose to prominence after appearing in online series such as Miss Khiladi, Kalank, Baby Sitter 2, Paglet, Dirt Deal, Sundra Bhabhi 5, Jism, Call Center, and many others.

Sonia Singh Rajput is one of the popular web series actresses. She was featured in many web series on different OTT apps. All the web series names we have mentioned in this post are only suitable to be viewed by adults.

1. Paglet

Paglet web series release date is 11th July 2021. It has a total of two parts. Paglet web series cast features Sonia Singh Rajput, Prashant, Sameer, Chetan, Imran, Rocky, Ronak. Funny but spicy story of a young Vaishali, who follows her husband every word. All hell breaks loose when Vaishali starts following the theory of physical need and love as explained by her husband. Extremely funny but fully loaded with sensuality.

Paglet Web Series

2. Jism (2021)

Jism is a Hindi language web series. The web series was released on 8 January 2021. In this web series, we will see Sonia Singh Rajput being intimate with Mishti Basu & Shakespeare. Jism web series has a total of 3 episodes. Watch online Jism web series on Kiwi Tv App.

Jism Web Series

3. Trust (2021)

Trust web series was released on 1 January 2021 on Kiwi Tv App. It features Sonia Singh Rajput, Shanaya Ans, Ranjeet Jha, Vivan Srivastava. Watch online this web series on Kiwi Tv App.

Trust (2021) Web Series

4. Diary of Lust

Diary of Lust web series was released on 18 October 2020 on Balloons App. It has a total of 3 episodes. The web series cast features Sonia Singh Rajput, Ritika Ansari, Ajay Bafna in the lead roles. Watch this web series on Cine7 App.

Diary of Lust Web Series

5. Mistake

Mistake is a Hindi language erotic web series. The web series was released on 8 October 2020 on HootzyChannel. It is a web series based on wife swapping. Without knowing the other medical couple’s medical condition they got intimate with them which results in them with Hiv+. The web series cast Soniya, Akshita, Vivan, Ajay.

Mistake Web Series

6. Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a very bold and erotic web series. Nuru massage web series was released on 17 September 2020. The web series cast features Soniya Singh, Preeti Puneet Kaur, Sana. This web series is about a massage parlor in which sensual massage was being given to the customer. Watch online Nuru Massage on Nuefliks App.

Nuru Massage Web Series

7. Page 3

Page 3 web series released on Hotshots App on 31 July 2020. It features Sonia Singh Rajput, Shakespeare, Akshita Singh. A newbie fashion Photographer Raj gets an aspiring project to conduct a photoshoot of a famous actress Sakshi. Sakshi gets pleased by Raj’s work and invites him to her house to click few more pictures of her for an upcoming project. Sakshi informs Raj that she has already briefed Mr. Khanna on this new assignment and he has approved of the same.

Page 3 Web Series

Raj is very enthused by this and lands at Sakshi’s house. Raj and Sakshi complete the shoot however during the process they both get sexually intimate. Raj is super thrilled to experience his first assignment worked so well and got him so close to a famous celebrity. Sakshi on the other hand had some other plans. Watch Page 3 to find out what happens when Raj learns about Sakshi’s intentions.

8. Kalank

Kalank is a Hindi language web series release date is 10 July 2020. The web series is available for streaming on Gupchup App. It also stars Priyanka Upadhyay, Gourav, Prashant. Husband is getting ready to go to the office, Wife says she feels bored to be alone at home. Husband says he will let his office colleague and his future wife stay at home.

Kalank Web Series

Then the wife will not be alone at home. In the evening husband’s office colleague and his future wife came and they all talked together. Then the office colleague and his future wife entered their bedroom and started doing romance. The wife stands outside their door and hears that they are romancing.

9. Love On Rent

Love On Rent is a Nuefliks original web series. The web series was released on 16 October 2020. The web series cast features Sonia Singh, Akshita, Gaurav. Watch Online Love On Rent web series on Nuefliks App.

Love On Rent Web Series

10. Sundra Bhabhi 5 (2021)

Sundra Bhabhi 5 web series was released on 15 February 2021. The web series cast features Sonia Singh, Ridima Tiwaree, Kajal Chauhan, Neha Patil. Watch online Sundra Bhabhi 5 web series on CinemaDosti App.

Sundra Bhabhi 5

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