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Seven Deadly Sins season 5 episode 17: release date, watch online and preview

Seven Deadly Sins season 5

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 has entered a final phase as the Sins realize that Captain Meliodas could one day disappear. But Elizabeth goes to the Demon Realm with Captain, and their plan is unsuccessful. The journey to the Demon Realm was delayed because Elizabeth’s curse was awakened and the Demon King reincarnated. Meliodas and the others discover that the Demon King has been revived with Zeldris as a craft and have decided to rescue Zeldris. The final battle of the Seven Deadly Sins is about to begin.

Meanwhile, Ban and the rest try to intercept the Indura summoned by the Demon King. Meliodas faces the Demon King with Elizabeth in the form of Zedris’ body. Meliodas attacks the Demon King, who asks him why he is in a hurry. The Demon King also told him that the world is beautiful with a Demon King. He asks Meliodas if he intends to eliminate his father and brother. Meliodas realizes that if he tries to kill the Demon King, Zeldris will die too.

Previously on Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 16

Meliodas replies that he will save Zeldris and disappear after sending the Demon King to hell. Demon King created smoke and surprised Meliodas with a move that forces him not to continue. Meliodas looks back and wonders what kind of move the demon king has done, and he discovers that this is the cheapest move a villain would do when in trouble. The demon king strangled Elizabeth and told Meliodas not to move. He also told Meliodas that he had made a big mistake in bringing his lover to battle.

He reminds him that this is not a lover’s day; it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the world. The demon king remarks that he is taking this woman as a shield, and Meliodas dares to do nothing. Elizabeth smiles and the Demon King realizes that the two are up to something. He wonders if they got here fully prepared. Elizabeth notes that it is not a mistake or folly that she is here. She reveals she is hers as a plan to defeat the Demon King.

The last battle

Seven Deadly Sins season 5 episode 17: release date, watch online and preview
Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The demon king began to panic and wonder what this woman is talking about. He wonders why she isn’t even afraid when the demon king’s hands touch her. Elizabeth unleashed a superpower called an Ark and destroyed the Demon King. The demon king got carried away, noting that a pathetic technique couldn’t beat him from a woman. She started crushing him and knocked him to the ground. Meliodas notes that if you underestimate her, you hurt yourself.

Elizabeth does not give the Demon King a chance to attack while crushing him. She unleashes a Retsu that blows away the demon king. Meliodas realizes that this is the power of love. He realizes it is Elizabeth’s first time protecting something precious, as he has never allowed her to take part in a fight. All she did was heal the wounded in the fight. The demon king manages to keep his balance and wonders why a girl hits him.

Meliodas notes that “if you are the king of the demon world, you should know Elizabeth’s name in the demon world.” When the demon king scratches his teeth, blood will pour into his lips and scars will be on his face. Meliodas reveals that Elizabeth’s name is The Bloody Eli and the Demon King realizes he is bleeding. Meanwhile, The Seven Deadly Sins fight with confidence and courage, destroying their enemies with a single blow.

It seems like the Seven Deadly Sins have the upper hand in this final battle. Escanor and Mael manage to blow Indura to pieces. The Demon King transformed into a different guise and Meliodas intervenes to attack with the final blow. The Demon King fights back and easily refuses to go down. The Sins arrived when they were done defeating enemies from their other side. Ban notes that they are finishing this together as before.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 17 will be released on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 5:55 am JST. You can watch Seven Deadly Sins season 5 online, Netflix.

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