Senapathi 2021 Telugu Movie Review

Senapathi 2021 Telugu Movie Review

Senapathi 2021 Telugu Movie Review


Emotional thriller



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What is the movie about?

Krishna (Naresh Agastya) is a sincere police officer. He is preparing for IPS at the same time because he wants to become a powerful person. Unfortunately for him, he loses his service revolver while one day chasing a criminal. A double hit happens when the same is used for a robbery and a little girl is killed.

Who is the person in possession of Krishna’s revolver? How did he find out what the film is about?


Naresh Agaystya as Krishna comes across as an image of sincerity. It therefore means that he looks good. But the problem is its softness. There is a lot of intensity in the role, which is not conveyed as well as possible.

The good thing is that a sustained serious look from start to finish has things under control. The last half hour is where we see the best of Naresh Agastya. It’s no doubt a good outing for him, but whether it’s the best for the story is something up for debate.


Pavan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kaadhal fame directs Senapathi. It is a complete departure for him from the kind of movies (or series) he has tried in the past and based on an original Sri Ganesh story. The story of Senapathi is a serious and intense story with a simple line.

The change in Pavan Sadineni’s approach from his earlier efforts is right in the face at the start of the black-and-white story. The dark theme could not have been made clearer. Still, it helps to set up the background of the guiding Krishna in a hard way.

The slow pace is evident in the beginning, which is further enhanced by Krishna’s introduction as an honest cop. The director takes the time to create the world. The visual choices are made to enhance the realistic drama effect.

The first hour before the story gets going is very routine, and despite the director’s best efforts to spice it up with the presentation and slick editing, it doesn’t come across that way.

The story continues with the introduction of the character Senapathi, also known as Murthy (Rajendra Prasad). He brings an element of intrigue and some urgency to the proceedings. The presence of Param (Harshavardhan) adds to the interest.

There is also a change in tone and narrative of the story with the arrival of Murthy. He begins to attract all the attention and Krishna and his ambition take the back seat. The screenplay fails to blend this clearly and smoothly, causing a slight unease every now and then.

The cat-and-mouse game of following the trail of the police and Murthy’s escape are neatly conceived and executed, and from here Senapathi sets out. The story becomes dramatic and exciting as the proceedings progress. What seemed folly at first also becomes more dramatic.

However, the real drama is wrapped up in the last half hour. There is an air of predictability, but a senior artist like Rajendra Prasad succeeds. The emotions are neatly incorporated in the thriller story without losing the balance. What we get as a result is quite an emotional thriller during the climactic portions.

In general, Senapathi takes a lot of time to get going, but in the end it pays off. It offers the right mix of emotion and thriller elements in a realistic setting. Check it out if you like the genre but have expectations under control.


Rajendra Prasad is once again the personification of sincerity and honesty. At first, the role of Senapathi may seem like an outsider, given the image he has built up over the years. But by the time we get to the end, it’s completely understandable why he was chosen for the part. Rajendra Prasad lives in the role and delivers the requirement. The styling and overall presentation make it look different, which is the icing on the cake.

Harshavardhan is another notable presence in the film. He also gets the whole thing going with his act, although we have seen him play similar roles before. The role of Gnaneshwari starts off promising, but soon goes missing. Sathya Prakasha and Rakendu Mouli suit their characters. The rest of the actors are good for their roles, even if they have less playing time.

Music and other departments?

Shravan Bharadwaj provides the background music for the film. It is an important asset to Senapathi. It feels a little loud at times, but overall the BGm helps the story a lot. It mentally creates a sense of urgency, even when none is visible. A conscious effort is made to achieve a specific look within the realistic space. The cinematography of Vivek Kalepu partly helps with that. However, it’s not quite there. Gowtham Raj Nerusu’s adaptation is fine. It could have been a bit sharper in some places. Rakendu Mouli’s dialogues are adequate.



background music

last half hour


the start hour

Flat story (in parts)

Uneven Story Shift

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, for the most part

Will you recommend it?

Yes, but with few reservations

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