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Real Estate

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Emma Hernan: “I’ve Had to Prove Myself More Than Most”

Selling Sunset, Netflix’s hit reality show about high-priced real estate in Los Angeles welcomed two new cast members for season four: Mexican soap opera actress-turned-realtor Vanessa Villela and food entrepreneur Emma Hernan.

“I joke that Oppenheim Group is Set of houses“Says the latter of working at the Los Angeles real estate agency in the center of the series. Co-founded by twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim, the company is largely populated by a group of women whose interpersonal drama is a key ingredient in the success of the Netflix show, as well as touring its parade of multi-million dollar square modernist homes.

But Hernan says that despite the competitiveness and conflict captured on screen, including a story involving a mutual ex facing her against fellow agent Christine Quinn, behind the scenes, “It’s been a lot of fun. I love working with Jason and Brett and all the girls. We hang out as a workgroup all the time and have a lot of fun together, which is nice when you’re actually working with your best friends. “

But while Hernán is new to Selling Sunset, she is not new to Oppenheim Group. He joined the real estate broker in 2017 after meeting Jason Oppenheim at the Catch restaurant in West Hollywood.

“I was looking for my first home and we hit it off,” says Hernan, over coffee at the West Hollywood Conservatory. “Someone recommended to me, ‘You have to use Jason. He is the best running back in Los Angeles. So I met him, we exchanged information, and he helped me find my first property that I bought, actually near his house, literally across the street. “

It was Jason who suggested that Hernán become a real estate agent. “Because we were looking at houses and I was picking up everything very quickly. He said, ‘You have to get your license,’ ”says Hernan, who earlier this year, along with Jason, sold a home owned by electronic music star Alesso for $ 6.35 million.

The agent and former model, who grew up in the Boston area and is also an investor and entrepreneur who founded her own vegan food company, Emma Leigh & Co., spoke with Newzpanda on why he joined the show this season, why he thinks it has become such a hit, and how he started investing money as a teenager.

Why didn’t you join the show until season four?

He was more focused on other things. I was investing a lot in different startups and taking meetings, and I was in Boston starting my food business. And then I got more involved in selling, buying and attracting customers. So Jason said, “You have to come on the show.”

What is it like working with Jason and his girlfriend, Chrishell Stause?

I love seeing them together. That they are so cute. They are genuinely in love and genuinely hard-working people, and it’s nice to be around them.

Why do you think the show is a success?

Selling Sunset He does it very well because he likes a little of everything. You came to the real estate. You hit fashion. You run into a lot of different dynamics and relationships. People like to look at relationships and real estate. And then, of course, real estate is probably the best in the world. Seeing these houses in the hills is what people dream of. I think this season is the best of all. We are adding many more girls. It’s definitely a larger group of women in the office, so it’s always an interesting dynamic.

Where you grew up?

My whole family is in Boston. I grew up south of Boston, a small seaside town called Scituate. I’ve been in the food industry my whole life. My grandfather started a company, he was very small, he was making crab cakes in his kitchen.

How did you start investing?

I started at a very young age. I took care of this family. I was a babysitter and the father went to Harvard. When she would put the kids to nap, instead of watching TV like most babysitters, she would watch, she would see her Christmas voucher. It was a very big Christmas bonus.

Did that inspire you?

My father was a firefighter. My mom was a housewife. My parents didn’t know anything about stocks. So I took all my money to babysit, all my money to model and I started investing it in health care, in stocks. Now mind you, I’m only 14 years old. When I started doing this, I saved every penny. And then when my grandfather passed away, to bring the company to where it is today, I was lending money to my family to get equipment, for payroll. I am 16 years old and I am lending my family hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this company. [Yankee Trader Seafood] go and cultivate it to where it is today. It is now a multi-million dollar company.

How did you become interested in the real estate sector?

Once you start making a lot of money and things like that, you become real estate. I feel like it’s natural. Real estate is one of the best investments you can make.

Among the food products that your company sells are vegan empanadas. Where can people find them?

I just found out from Costco that they are taking it, which is huge. I have already been to QVC with some of my articles. They are in all the major retailers on the east coast. Honestly, being an entrepreneurial woman is really important to me. Trust me, I’ve been to meetings before where people will literally laugh.


Because people get an idea of ​​what you look like and they think you’re in the wrong place. I’ve had to prove myself more than most people because they can judge you by your appearance. So I always wanted to work really hard and give back to my family, and that’s what drives me. I want a young girl to watch the show and say, “Wow, I have a passion.” And maybe they can go out and start a company. I want to inspire people and that’s why I continued [the show] And, as cliché as it may sound, it’s true. So if I can change someone’s life, I want to be able to.

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