Seeking Reform, US Holds $1.3 Million In Dues From WADA

TOKYO: The U.S. government will hold nearly half of the $ 2.93 million it owes to the World Anti-Doping Agency, while the global anti-drug agency is waiting to see how it progresses in reforming its governing structure.

Richard Pam of the White House Narcotics Control Office told a congressional panel on Wednesday that $ 1.6 million in rent would soon be paid, but in defiance of past practice, the full amount would not be paid at once.

We believe half the fee is appropriate, Pam said. There have been some good conversations in Wada about the reform, but we still hope to look forward to the extra steps to be comfortable paying the full bill.

The latest in a year-long confrontation between Wada and the US government comes at a hearing in Washington to provide updates on recently enacted legislation criminalizing international drug programs. The government has criticized the company for not moving fast enough to reform itself in the wake of the Russian doping scandal. The government has issued statements complaining that the United States has not received the value of its money from Wada’s contribution and does not have a sufficient decision-making role in the global organization.

Wada’s $ 40 million budget is approximately 7.3% $ 2.93 million; The United States usually pays the full amount in the first quarter of the year.

After the United States first threatened to suspend arrears last summer, WADA responded by suggesting that countries that did not pay arrears could be allowed. Congress gave the White House office the power to stop making payments.

Pam said the government has had some good conversations with Wada, but we still hope to look forward to further steps to be comfortable paying the full fee.

WADA is moving forward with a series of reforms that will increase athletic representation on some of its decision-making boards, while calling for greater transparency. Argumentative officials did not immediately respond to an email from the Associated Press.

The United States and other critics say Wada’s reforms are not enough. They want a more complete gap between Wada and the IOC, in which the sitting members of both organizations may have interesting conflicts.


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