Santa Claus: Facts About the Movie Not Many Fans Know

Tim Allen’s 1994 Santa is a classic that 90s babies revisit every Christmas without a break. So we’ve put together some facts about the movie that even the diehard fans didn’t know (yes, another Christmas movie reference)!

10. This Was a Magic Movie for Tim Allen

The Santa was Allen’s first feature film before landing the role of Buzz Lightyear Toy Story who catapulted his career to immense success.

10. This Was a Magic Movie for Tim Allen
Tim Allen as Santa Claus in disguise

9. The transformation without ventilation

To turn Tim Allen into a heavy and bearded Santa, Allen told: that he had to sit in a makeup chair for four to five hours. He had to be fitted with a 75lb suit including prosthetics and he was only allowed to wear it for 6 hours due to “poor ventilation”.

9. The transformation without ventilation
This sounds painful

8. Easter Eggs for Home Improvement

Allen was working on a very popular show at the time called Renovation. So when Scott from the movie wore a tool belt, he did it so easily it looked like he was a pro, just like his Renovation character.

8. Easter Eggs for Home Improvement
Node for his character Tim Taylor

7. Mickey Mo(on)

In a scene where Scott and Charlie flew in Santa’s sleigh near the moon, some diehard fans saw Mickey Mouse’s head light up the world.

7. Mickey Mo(on)
Hello, Mick!

6. Tim Allen doesn’t like kids

After the movie was released, Tim Allen commented on how bad he was with the kids on set who were all portraying elves. He said: “I’m not really a big fan of kids. I have them, I like mine, kind of. I don’t like other people’s children. And when we made the film, they were like cats, they wouldn’t leave me alone.”

6. Tim Allen doesn't like kids
Tim is recognizable..?

5. The Death of Clause

Only a few fans know that in the original script, the first Santa died because Scott shot him. Consider Santa is a family movie and how Scott ended up loving the work of Santa and the kids, the writers rewrote the script.

5. The Death of Clause
That would have been bleak for a children’s movie

4. They weren’t exactly in Illinois

Scott and his family were said to be in suburban Illinois, but fans noticed otherwise. Turns out they were in Toronto, Ontario and the reindeer used were borrowed from the Toronto Zoo.

4. They weren't exactly in Illinois
Toronto is the best choice for cold weather, right?

3. The fake belly was literally a burden

Allen had to wear a fake belly that weighed 50 pounds for the treadmill scene when he worried about gaining weight. It was reported that Allen would spend his time between takes swearing and yelling because of how uncomfortable the thick suit was.

3. The fake belly was literally a burden
That is also recognizable

2. A Child’s Dream

Instead of adding animated elves, the production opted for children and added prosthetics to their ears to make them pointy. The children with the elves were so young that many of them believed that Tim Allen was the real Santa Claus.2. A Child's Dream

This is what makes this movie so special

1. That One Child Who Believed

When Scott attended Parents’ Day at Charlie’s school to talk about his job as a toy manufacturer, Charlie told the whole class that his father was Santa Claus. Unsurprisingly, most of the kids laughed, but there was one kid who didn’t laugh. Diehard fans saw that same boy had elf ears and believed every word Charlie said, proving Charlie had been among the elves all along.

1. That One Child Who Believed
Something for the eagle eyes fans

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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