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Saffron-Clad Seers, Congress Lingayat Leaders Rush to Save Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa

British Chief Minister and Chief Minister of Karnataka P.S. Cauvery, the official residence of Yeddyurappa, now looks like a monastery or ashram. Since the anxious Chief Minister’s return from New Delhi last weekend, there has been a steady stream of saffron-infested visitors.

According to the most credible sources, the key days of the 78-year-old BJP are numbered in office, with party bosses in New Delhi already pointing out that he will have to step down to lead the new leadership in the state. Although he officially clears up such statements, his actions speak to a completely different situation.

Unprecedented, two powerful Lingayat MLAs from the main opposition Congress – MP Patil and Shamanur Sivasankarappa – The BJP high command has openly come out in support of Yeddyurappa, claiming that it insults the tall leader of their community. Their stance has angered some Congress leaders in the state. However, they consider it their personal position, not their party’s position.

An embarrassed state BJP has launched a campaign against these two, claiming that Yeddyurappa is safe.

Many misguided Lingayat observers and other religious leaders have openly supported Yeddyurappa, warning the BJP national leadership against any wrongdoing.

On Wednesday, more than 50 cadres from across Karnataka met Yeddyurappa and expressed confidence in him.

Chittalinga Swamy of Siddhaganga monastery, one of the most powerful idiots in the state, led the audience and asked the BJP leadership not to remove Yeddyurappa from the Chief Minister’s chair.

Speaking to the media, he said, “This is not a sexual fight. Yeddyurappa is a Karnataka leader. He has done better. Why should he go? We want him to continue until the next assembly elections in April 2023. ”

Some observers who came with him reportedly chanted slogans in support of Yeddyurappa and embarrassed the Chief Minister.

The open support for the BJP, which expects an initial and harmonious solution to the current stalemate, has further complicated matters for the BJP.

Two BJP legislators who have publicly opposed Yeddyurappa have criticized the interference of onlookers in state politics. Lingayat MLA urges not to support corrupt chief minister for personal gain P.R. Patil Yatnal asked. He landed heavily at the Yeddyurappa camp, noting that the stage was managing these events.

BJP MLC and Congress – JDS Turn Code h. Viswanath has attacked the audience for his public support for Yeddyurappa. He said playing politics was not the will of the Sikhs.

Yeddyurappa belongs to the Lingayat community, which makes up 16% of the total population of Karnataka. They are considered to be very powerful economically and politically. They are also from the Pan Karnataka community.

HD Yeddyurappa, who overthrew the Kumaraswamy-led JDS-Congress coalition government and took power two years ago, will complete his two-year term on July 26. His rival factions believe he will then be forced to resign.

Can saffron-clad men win over the BJP high command? One has to wait and see.

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