Run (2020) Movie Ending Explained: What Happens To Diane?

Run (2020) Ending Explained

Run, which was released on November 20, 2020, is a psychological horror movie. This story features the relationship between mother and daughter. At first, we are made to see the beautiful bond between mother-daughter and how a mother takes care of her daughter. But the story takes a turn when the daughter finds out that her mother is hiding a dark secret from her. In the article ahead, you will get to know what was the dark secret as we look into the ending of Run. Along with this, you will get to know the ending scene of Run.

Before that, let us see those who were involved in making Run. The writer of Run is Sev Ohanian and Chaganty. Aneesh Chaganty is the director of the movie. Natalie Qasabian, along with Sev Ohanian, has directed the movie Run under the production banner of Search Party and Lionsgate. Run was originally telecasted on Hulu and Netflix. You can once again watch the movie on Netflix and once again can enjoy the ending of Run.

Run Movie Summary

This is a Hulu horror movie starring Sarah Paulsen, which follows the story of mother Pair Daine and daughter Chloe. They share a very close bond. At the time of birth, Chloe faced a lot of health issues like Arrhythmia, hemochromatosis, diabetes, and asthma.

Apart from these, she is also half paralyzed. And this is the reason she is spending her life in a wheelchair. Because of these diseases, the character Chloe has to take various medications to survive. She has no confidence in herself. However, her mother, Diane, believed that she could lead not only a happy life but also a successful life. Chloe discovers the secret behind her medication

She says all this in public. But in reality, Diane is a controlling mother and drugging her with dog drugs. But as the movie moves further, we get to see that Chloe is discovering the secrets of medication. And from there, she also gets to know that Diane has lost her first child, and she kidnapped her when she was only two years old.

Diane controls her daughter Chloe because she is suffering from some mental issues. This issue originated after losing her child. Knowing the fact that her mother is harming her directly and indirectly, Chloe attempts to run away from Diane’s controlling nature.

Run Ending Explained

But Diane somehow got to know the plan, and Chloe ended up being in a hospital because of her mother. At the hospital, Diane takes Chloe home. But there, Chloe leaves a letter for the doctors alerting them about her condition and the psychological issue Diane is going through. Doctors call the security. When Diane is making Chloe sit in the car, Chloe stands up slowly from her wheelchair, and just in time, a security guard shows up and shoots Diane. Chloe is now sitting in a wheelchair with a half-paralyzed body.

A scene from Run (2020)
A scene from Run (2020)

After seven years, we can see that Diane is half-paralyzed, and Chloe is the one who is standing beside her bed. Chloe is now leading a successful and happy life. But she gave the same pills that she had been sedated with for several years. This means that she is returning the favor to Diane. This also shows that parenting, if not done right, can lead to various problems. We saw that this time Chloe is keeping Diane in a world of paralysis.

The movie shows the relationship between a mom and a daughter. But not a normal one. In the end, we see that its mother, Diane, who is in a wheelchair, and daughter Chloe on the normal chair and not a helpful doctor. In the end, she does not treat her mother as she was treated by her mother. Even though she knows Diane has tracked down her real parents, she chooses to call her mom and shows the same love a daughter has for her mother. She visits her mother each day in the hospital.

Cast And Characters

There are not many people in the movie. But those who were there gave their best. Sarah Paulson, who did the role of mother Diane Sherman, was the best. Her performance was outstanding. Next is Kiera Allen, who performed the role of daughter Chloe Sherman. Pat Healey played the character Mailman Tom. Sara Sohn played Nurse Kammy. The other two casts, Sharon Bajer, played the character of Kathy Bates, and Tony Rvolvari played the character of Brooklyn Boy.

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