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Post-poll Violence in West Bengal Eclipsed 1946 Calcutta Killings: Suvendu Adhikari

In tribute to those killed in the violence allegedly unleashed by the TMC after the announcement of the Assembly referendum results, the Leader of the Opposition in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, Svendu Adhikari, said on Wednesday: “What has happened in the state over the past two months is the massive eclipse of the Calcutta massacre of 1946.” Killed by TMC thugs, when the Mamata Banerjee government seized power in the state for the third time, the official said in his statement to the NHRC — like violence shook the world.

“We expect the judiciary to take action in the wake of the NHRC report exposing the tip of the iceberg. Such a statement would embarrass any sensible person. What has happened in Bengal in the last two months is the 1946 Calcutta massacre, the Nokali riots and the Sikh massacre.” He said.

Coincidentally, the TMC marked its annual Shahid Diwas on Wednesday when Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed the people during the day. The Mamata Banerjee-led camp commemorates Shahid Diwas every year to pay tribute to the 13 Youth Congress workers killed in a police operation in 1993. Banerjee was then a member of the youth wing of the old party. BJP sources said at least 175 workers have been killed in the state in the past few years.

The Nandigram MLA further said that the TMC is of the view that such attacks instigated by the state police will destroy the BJP in the state, but they are misunderstood. ”He said in a jeep in the ruling party, )’S milking cows began active attacks on men and women of the planned caste. A shudder to think of what kind of torture women have to endure. “The BJP has built safe houses for its 25,000 homeless party workers, supporters and their families,” he said.

In another dig at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, a member of the Kavi camp legislature, she flew from Bhawanipur to Nandigram to contest the elections. After being rejected by the people there, he is now elected to the legislature, despite the Govt-9 status. Setting a new precedent, the non-MLA chief runs the state. We will definitely remove this government one day. From three, our number in the Assembly has risen to 77.

He sought to understand why the ruling distribution was not interested in holding municipal elections for a long time. “In his party, there is only one post, and the rest are lamp posts,” he said.

The official also charged that the COVID-19 restrictions only apply to the BJP workers’ movement, while the TMC has held at least 1,000 rallies over the past few weeks against the fuel hike. Another BJP legislator, Agnimitra Paul, who slandered Banerjee for our silence on atrocities against women in Bengal, said, “After all, our female chief minister is immovable.

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