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Oppn Attack, Varying Views, BJP’s Reply

With Congress state legislator KC Venugopal set to hold a concession motion at 10 a.m. to counter the Centre’s “lie” about deaths due to lack of oxygen supply during the second wave, parliament could witness a storm session on Thursday.

“The government has lied about Govt’s deaths due to lack of oxygen,” he said. The government had told the state assembly on Tuesday that no deaths were specifically reported due to lack of oxygen by the states and UTs during the second Govt-19 wave. Harsh criticism from opposition leaders.

Patient deaths in hospitals due to lack of life-saving gas during the second wave peak in April-May have been reported from several states as the demand for medical oxygen has increased.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Bhadra on Wednesday said the response given by the Center was based on figures provided by the states and UTs as health is a state matter.

What the Opposition Says:

Congress: Rahul Gandhi said that the wrong decisions taken by the Indian government during the second wave of Govt were true, 50 lakhs of our sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers were killed.

On Tuesday, the former Congress leader opposed the government, following which Union Minister Giriraj Singh called him a “brainless man” in a tweet written in Italian, which was seen as an attack on Gandhi’s ‘Italian roots’.

Kapil Sibal said the government had turned a blind eye after Sambit Bhadra faced opposition attacks. “They don’t want to see and hear reality,” he said.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhubaneswar Bagel said the Centre’s response to oxygen was ridiculous. “We know what happened in Delhi due to lack of oxygen. In UP, hospitals were told not to hang because of O2 deficiency. It is ridiculous for the government to say that there are no deaths due to lack of oxygen, ”he added.

Samajwadi Party: SP leader Akhilesh Yadav accused the government of “orphaning” its people. “People have been fighting for oxygen. The BJP is responsible for not providing it, people know this.

AAM admi Party: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the city government has no data on the deaths due to lack of oxygen during the second wave of Govt-19 as the Center has not approved its committee to investigate such deaths.

When Kejriwal’s government claimed that there was a lack of oxygen, his reaction came after Bhadra said in a written statement to the High Court that there were no deaths due to lack of oxygen. “Did the Delhi government give any data to the central government indicating that even one life was lost due to lack of oxygen?” Petra addressed the media.

He accused the Sisodia Center of trying to “cover up its mistakes” and that its “mismanagement” after April 13 and a change in oxygen delivery policy had caused oxygen shortages in hospitals across the country, leading to a “catastrophe”. “We all saw what happened in April-May. The media has been reporting on it, I have been getting messages from officials in hospitals, people are asking for help, complaining about lack of oxygen,” he said.

According to Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain, deaths due to lack of oxygen have occurred not only in Delhi but also in other states. He accused the Center of adding salt to the state’s wounds in response to Govt’s deaths in parliament. “Sarkar Jale Pe Namak Sitak Rahi Hai,” he said.

Jain added, “We also announced compensation for deaths due to lack of oxygen, but LG did not approve our proposal, thus the truth will not come out.”

Shiv Sena: The MP, who shares party power with the NCP and Congress in Maharashtra. Sanjay Rawat said relatives of those who died due to lack of oxygen should “take the federal government to court”.

States, including those ruled by Oppn, tell a different story

Maharashtra: Contrary to Route, state health minister Rajesh Dope said the state government had never reported any deaths due to lack of oxygen during the second wave of Govt-19.

When asked by a TV channel about the center’s report, Dope said, “We never said people died of lack of oxygen in the state.” Many of them had problems such as co-morbidities and other ailments. No deaths occurred due to lack of oxygen.

Chhattisgarh: According to Sambit Bhadra, the Congress-ruling states of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra (which runs a coalition government with the Shiv Sena) have not suffered any deaths due to lack of oxygen.

He quoted the Chhattisgarh health minister as saying that no one was killed due to lack of oxygen. “The Maharashtra government has said in its affidavit that there is no shortage in the High Court … Chhattisgarh Health Minister DS Singh Deo also said there was no death due to lack of oxygen. So why is Rahul Gandhi politicizing the issue? The governments of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh have said that there is no shortage of oxygen. Why are you creating fear and chaos in the country, ”Bhadra said.

Tamil Nadu: State Health Minister Ma. Subramanian said there was not a single death in Tamil Nadu due to lack of oxygen.

Madhya Pradesh: State Medical Education Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang on Wednesday said that there were no deaths due to lack of oxygen in Madhya Pradesh during the second wave of Govt and the statement issued by the Union government in this regard was true.

“In our state, there are no deaths anywhere due to lack of oxygen. As stated in the Union Cabinet, that is true,” he said in a clear note to Health Minister Bharathi Praveen Pawar in a written reply to the state assembly on Tuesday. “The truth is, deaths did not happen due to lack of oxygen at the time,” he said. We bought 600 metric tons (oxygen) a day, while our maximum consumption was 457 metric tons, ”said Sarang.

Opposition to the BJP

A BJP spokesperson has slandered the opposition for politicizing the issue. These opposition-ruled states had spoken of patients dying from the oxygen crisis when the second wave was at its peak because they wanted to target the Modi government, but have taken a different stance in writing, which has been submitted to the courts, which further shows they want to politicize the whole issue.

He stressed that the federal government had not tied their hands and that they should have spoken the truth when asked to submit their response in writing. When asked about the BJP-run states, Bhadra said the people there may have suffered, but they did not make such allegations as the opposition-ruling states or the matter was not taken to the high courts there.

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