Nobody Review: Hollywood Has a New Action King and It’s Bob Odenkirk

Nobody Movie Review

Nobody Review: Hollywood Has a New Action King and It’s Bob Odenkirk

Hollywood has a new king of action, and drum roll please, it’s Bob Odenkirk. Nobody puts the revered award-winning comedian, writer and actor in pure butt-kicking mode. Russian director Ilya Naishuller unleashes a tense show of violence, dark and heartbreaking humor. A seemingly innocuous, mild-mannered scapegoat turns out to be the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. Odenkirk’s casting was a truly inspired choice. Nobody it is a bonanza of action that will delight the public.

Hutch Mansell (Bob odenkirk) is the definition of a boring family man. He is the type that is always overlooked and disrespected. His daily routine is a festival of banality. Hutch makes breakfast for his children, is berated by his wife’s father (Connie Nielsen) (Michael Ironside) and brother (Billy MacLellan) at work, and then returns home to a sexless marriage. Vanilla pudding has more to do in life.

Nobody 2 is being written, will feature more action for Connie Nielsen

Everything changes after a terrible incident in the family home. Hutch’s teenage son (Gage Munroe) loses all respect for his father. Hutch needs to vent a little. A bus trip takes a wild turn when a group of drunken Russian gangsters climb aboard. They caught Hutch Mansell on a bad day. When the vicious crime lord Yulian Kuznetsov (Aleksei Serebryakov) sees the broken shell that used to be his brother, he wants bloody revenge. Unfortunately for him and his legion of men, they vastly underestimate their prey. Hutch Mansell is not who she appears to be.

Nobody he immerses himself fully in the plot. Ilya Naishuller (Henry hardcore) employs clever use of montages to quickly download the exhibit. We meet Hutch, her family, and her tedious job within minutes of the first act. Creative editing and a great performance from Bob Odenkirk really sell Hutch’s doormat existence. The switch is then activated to reveal the true nature of the character. Hutch’s lethal transformation is hypnotic to watch. He channels years of pent-up rage and aggression towards stunned baddies, while dropping hilarious clues about his past. Bob Odenkirk goes from dull to deadly with brilliant precision.

Nobody It will make you shudder from the savage beatings. This is not an ultra-stylized filming movie focused on martial arts. The violence is personal, close and brutal. Hutch offers punishment by a plethora of means. His knife skills would make a sushi chef jealous. That said, Ilya Naishuller doesn’t make Hutch invincible. They beat it up, but it serves a lot more than it gets. The fight on the bus opens the floodgates to varied, well-executed and coordinated action scenes. Ilya Naishuller makes a strong statement about his ability as an action director and choreographer.

RZA and legendary character actor Christopher Lloyd add perfect entertainment value in supporting roles. They don’t have a lot of screen time, but they make their presence felt. Nobody he wisely keeps Bob Odenkirk front and center. He has held a significant rank his entire career, but moves into a different category as a bona fide action star. Odenkirk is fantastic here. Raise your expectations for this movie. Nobody is a 87North, Eighty Two Films and Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment production. It will be released in theaters by Universal Pictures on March 26.

Nobody Moview Review

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