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No Chance of Leadership Change in Karnataka, Says Sadananda Gowda

Former Union Minister TV Sadananda Gowda on Wednesday said there was no “chance” for a change of leadership in Karnataka, adding that the BJP was happy with the central leadership development measures and the handling of the Govt-19 in the state. Gowda, a BJP MP from Bangalore North, said he did not believe there was any such move, amid speculation on some cards that Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa would be replaced.

“I do not think there is any truth in the current debate on change of leadership because these are decisions taken by our central level leaders considering the political situation in the states,” the former chief minister told reporters. After Yeddyurappa briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on the “current situation”, he said he had information that no such decision was on the cards.

Gowda said Karnataka’s progress in the steps and development measures taken by the Chief Minister during the Govt-19 epidemic was commendable and there was no reason to remove him. “My strong gut feeling is that there is absolutely no chance of a change of leadership. These are all speculations,” he said.

Regarding the speculation surrounding the change of leadership, Gowda said, “People appreciate it whenever we do some good work. As a result, people stand in support of him.” When asked about the audio that pointed out the change of leadership of BJP state president Nalin Kumar Katil and the formation of a new team, he said it was not necessary as the former fake had denied it by calling it fake. According to him, the people of the state are lagging behind because of Yeddyurappa’s policies and his “regime”.

“I feel there is no room for change of leadership. Rest is left to leaders at the national level,” Gowda said.

After Yeddyurappa’s visit to Delhi last week, the talk of a change of leadership, which had been circulating for some time, gained momentum. Yeddyurappa, a strong Lingayat, dismissed talks of a change of leadership as baseless.

Numerous Lingayat popes have called on Yeddyurappa to show their support and warned the BJP of a political downfall if he is removed from the post of chief minister.

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