NCP Leaders Back Minister, Kerala Oppn Seeks His Resignation

Kerala Forest Minister AK Sachindran, who allegedly tried to settle a sexual harassment case involving a party member in Kollam, said NCP senior leaders on Wednesday said they did not currently think any wrongdoing had been done. The CBI (M) said it did not have complete details. Meanwhile, Sachin Tendulkar met Chief Minister Binarayi Vijayan at his official residence.

After the meeting, he told the media that he had informed the Chief Minister about the whole issue and his role in the matter and Vijayan asked him. However, Sachin did not say what the chief minister’s response was.

Vijayaragavan, convener of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Kerala and secretary of the CPI (M) Kerala state committee, said neither his party nor the state government had taken a decision on the issue due to lack of complete details. . He further added that the only information available at the moment was that the news channels were showing off and that a decision could not be taken on that basis and therefore he could not comment on whether Sachin could resign or not.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan reiterated his demand for Sachin to resign and said the chief minister should remove him if he did not resign. He questioned whether the CBI (M) was carrying out pro-women programs in the state and whether the immediate incident was part of it.

If Sachin does not resign or he is not removed, the matter will be raised in the Assembly, which will begin its second session from Thursday. A similar demand was made in a letter to the Governor of Kerala on Wednesday by Congress MP Benny Behanan that Sachin should be removed.

He has sought an order from the governor to remove the state forest minister for allegedly violating his pledge to pressurize the victim’s father to settle a sexual harassment case against a wealthy NCP leader in Kollam. After news channels speculated that the state government would not listen to her resignation, the victim told the media that she was disappointed with the stand of the Chief Minister and her government on the issue.

He accused the chief minister of taking a position in favor of his government and that it was “not expected” from him. He added that this would send the wrong message to women in the state that their safety and security is not important to the government.

He said he was considering moving the courts for action against the minister. The victim also said that his report has not yet been registered at the Kundra police station.

He said he was called to record his report at 6pm on Tuesday, but told police he could not come so late and that authorities would call him on Wednesday. “I have not received any such call,” he told the media.

Earlier, National Secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) D.P. Peetambaran said the minister had only tried to resolve some party-related issues in Kollam and that he had not intervened in any sexual harassment case beyond that. PC Sacco, the NCP’s Kerala state president, responded in a similar manner to the allegations against Sachin, saying that the minister had never asked the victim’s father – the NCP’s Kundra Bloc leader – to withdraw the case and settle anything amicably. . There was a party related issue.

Sacco said Sachin should explain whether he was abused in an official position by the minister or interfered in a criminal case and the state government should take a decision on that. However, he said neither the state government nor Sachin could be blamed on moral or legal grounds in the current issue, adding that it was a “planned attempt” to defame the minister.

Sachin said all the people who are calling for his resignation are doing so without knowing the absolute facts. Sacco told reporters in Delhi that according to the NCP, two of its general secretaries had been sent to Kollam to find out what had happened and that if any party members were found to be active on the basis of their report, the party would take stern action against them.

According to his sources, there has been some money dispute between the party members in this regard and some NCP members have approached the minister and invited the constituency president to resolve the matter, which is why Sachin has called. He said the complaint of sexual harassment by the girl was a separate issue and that the police should investigate and take appropriate action as per law and the NCP would not interfere in it for any reason.

Sacco said it was the responsibility of the police to investigate if a complaint was made and that the NCP would not try to “throw it away” or the agency would do its job. After Malayalam news channels started airing a telephone conversation between Sachin and the girl’s father, the issue was sought to be resolved by mutual agreement.

Following that, the minister told the media that he had called the girl’s father, but tried to resolve what he thought was a controversy in the party. When it became known that this was a case of attempted sexual assault, he said he would not intervene further.

The woman, a BJP member, was asked by an NCP member if she had joined the BJP in March to make money, and if so, she would give him money and then allegedly hold his hand. However, he did not complain at the time.

After that, the NCP member would make fun of her in various arenas and then posted her election campaign poster on WhatsApp on June 28, saying that her father should join the BJP to make money. Seeing this, he told his father about the previous incident and told him to report it to the police.

He also blamed the inaction of the police.

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