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Web Series

Natasha Rajeshwari Ullu Web Series Watch Online

Natasha Rajeshwari is an emerging actress. She appears in several Hindi language with web series like School Girl, Shaurya etc., Natasha got a breakthrough in the web series Jalebi Bai. She’s also a photographer.

1. Jalebi Bai Ullu Web Series

Jalebi Bai is the latest Hindi web series that is set to premiere on Ullu app. The series stars Alina sen in the main role and plays along with other supporting casts. The story revolves around the housemaid’s hidden secrets, and confessions. Watch all the latest episodes of the Jalebi Bai web series in the Ullu app on 08th April 2022.

2. Madhosh Diaries Ullu Web Series

Madhosh Diaries is the latest Hindi web series that releases on the Ullu app. Good Wife is the first episode of Madhosh Diaries web series. Watch Madhosh Diaries Ullu web series online from 11th June 2021.

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife web series will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Download Ullu app and watch all the latest Hindi web series.

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