More ‘Conscious’ Vinesh Phogat Going into Tokyo Olympics With ‘Clear Head’, Says Coach Woller Akos

Volar Agos, the personal overseas coach of the star Indian wrestler, says it is difficult to find any flaw in the ‘clear head’ Vinesh Bogot sport going to the Tokyo Olympics.

Vinesh, one of the strongest medalists in the Indian team, tops the sport. The first billing comes as no surprise as the 26-year-old is heading into a failed showbiz this year.

The last time he left the mat undefeated was at the Asian Championships in February 2020, when he won bronze in the semifinals against Mayu Makaida. Hungarian coach Agos says Vinesh is a terrific student of the sport and he has high hopes that he will fight for gold in Tokyo.

‘Her head is clear. He excelled in foot attacks and counter-attacks and had a clear head. Strategies devised outside the mat are now implemented on the mat due to the clear head. There were times when she could not do it, but it was very good, ” said PTI from Hungos, Hungary.

Agos has been working with Vinesh since February 2019, the Indian was already a good wrestler, but now he says he has changed to a different level.

‘We are going the good way. She is getting better and better every day. She is very good at body and tactics. Movements (circular movements) are more now, foot protection is much better. She is more purposeful and conscious.

‘Vinesh is good at everything. I hope she fights for gold. ‘Agos’ confidence arises from the fact that Vinesh is now continuing to implement strategies devised for different opponents.

‘Her enemies are all different. Some are technically good, some are physically better. Different tactics are needed. You need hand work against some competitors, somewhere you need underhook, headlocks.

‘On some enemies, you have to work from a distance. She got it all right, ” he said.

Agos said he is not only the strategist, Vinesh himself gives the input, argues his points, and sometimes disagrees.

He is a terrific student of the game. ‘This is the best way to do it by talking to each other in training and on the mat.’ Nonetheless, Agos said not only the 2019 2019 World Championship silver medalist Muqaida is going to be a threat to the Indians, but there is no room for complacency for others.

‘Muqaida is not alone. The challenge will come from Russia, Belarus, the United States, China, Sweden and Poland. The Olympics are a different competition. They should be doing their homework on Vinesh, ” he said.

Second-placed Mukaita and Vinesh never won. They have fought each other three times, each time the Japanese came out on top.

Mukta will not get in Vineesh’s way before the final because they are the best seeds.

Vinesh will get an extra hand against China’s fourth-seeded Qianyu Bang, which is 2-2 in four meetings and against Sweden’s Sofia Matson.

Vinesh and Agos will leave for Tokyo on July 26.

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