Moonrise Kingdom Filming Locations: Where Was the Rom-Com Movie Shot?

Making a movie is not for everyone. A filmmaker has to take a lot of things into account and put in a lot of effort. The beautiful movie landscapes and backdrops in the movie, the Moonrise Kingdom, come from different locations. Where was the Moonrise Kingdom filmed? Let’s take a look at the answer to this question among the other questions that may arise about the film.

Moonrise Kingdom lit up the box office like the rising moon, and you may all already know the success of this great film. The locations chosen by the filmmakers did a truly stunningly fantastic job. People of all age groups especially appreciate the comedy genre, and this film contains humor and romance.

It’s definitely not like the other movies. The plot of the Moonrise Kingdom is unusual. From the story to the plottings, it is unique. Criticism always comes with success. Although the film faced several controversies, even legal ones, for having such a story and depiction, many people loved and praised it.

The Moonrise Kingdom is an American film in the English language. The story of the film is about an orphaned boy, Sam Shakusky and Suzy, both 12 years old. At such a young age, they both loved each other immensely. Sam and Suzy fell in love on the New England island of New Penzance (Suzy’s hometown), where Sam had come for a Khaki Scout summer camp. They even ran away together, but did not succeed. However, the film finally has a sorted happy ending.

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Moonrise Kingdom Movie Locations

Keeping in mind the budget and the scenes of the Moonrise Kingdom, the director shot the film in several amazing places. In fact, the movie was filmed on Prudence Island (Rhode Island) in Narragansett Bay, while the screenplay centered around the fictional island, New Penzance, and also according to the movie, the island could only be reached by waterways or airways and had a very small footprint. population. The bright red house on the water was the main location.

Set in the islands of Maine, the film recalls the rural feel on the island in the modern era. Islesboro, North Haven Island, Conanicut Island, Fort Wetherill, Trinity Church, Newports’ Ballard Park and Long Island near Portland are some of the other names that come up when we talk about the filming of the Moonrise Kingdom. The uniqueness and specialties of each location push the price to a high amount.

Moonrise Kingdom Filming Locations: Where Was the Rom-Com Movie Shot?
A scene from the shooting of the Moonrise Kingdom

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