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‘Mithya’ is a dark psychological thriller based series. Mithya is the Hindi adaptation of the 2019 British series Cheat (Cheat). Director Rohan Sippy’s web series ‘Mithya’, rests on the axis of truth between fact and fact. The name of an episode of this Hindi adaptation of the foreign series ‘Cheat’ is ‘Hum Sab Mein Ek Cheat Hota Hai’. The story of the ‘Mithya’ web series revolves around Hindi professor Juhi Adhikari (Huma Qureshi) and Riya Rajguru (Avantika Dasani). The film begins with a conversation between Huma Qureshi aka Juhi Adhikari and Avantika Dasani aka Riya Rajguru. One is behind the bars of the prison, the other in front of him. However, in the end, it is revealed who is behind the bars of the jail and why? Mithya-web-series-download-1080p-720p-480p-HD

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Juhi teaches Hindi literature in a college in Darjeeling. Her father Anand (Rajit Kapoor) is a famous teacher of English. Juhi steps into Hindi literature to make her own place out of her father’s umbrella. She lives with her husband Neel Adhikari (Parambrata Chatterjee), but there is no peace in her life. From home to college, she looks unsatisfied. She plans to have a child at home with her husband on the one hand, while on the other she becomes sensual after seeing a professor in the college. Riya Rajguru is a girl from a high profile family in the city. He does not know Hindi, but he gets the ghost of earning a name in literature.

Riya, who is burning in the fire of revenge, reaches Juhi’s house to take revenge. Riya makes Juhi’s father Anand (Rajit Kapoor), husband Neel Adhikari (Parambrata Chatterjee) the pawn of her trick. Everything happens as Riya wants in the story. Riya falls to such an extent that she even murders Juhi’s husband. Riya presents it in college by taking the help of others and writing an essay through stolen literature. Juhi sees its content and understands that it is not written by Riya. Calling him and interrogating him, Riya starts blackmailing Juhi. Juhi Adhikari does not like this attitude of Riya and she fails her in Hindi literature. The twist in the story comes when Juhi accuses her student Riya of cheating on an article. This turns into a psychological battle between Juhi and Riya. The story of the web series ‘Mithya’ moves forward on the door of the relationship of distrust between the teacher and the disciple. After this a murder takes place and the round of conspiracies begins. Juhi’s husband Neil is murdered. Both Juhi and Riya are accused of killing Neel, but in the end, the truth is revealed that who killed Neel and why? Not only this, what is the past of Juhi’s father Anand aka Rajit Kapoor behind this murder, this secret also gets revealed.


Mithya web series download Important Point

Created byGabby Hull
Based oncheat!
write byPurva Naresh
Directed byRohan Sippy
starringHuma Qureshi
Avantika Dassanic
Parambrata Chatterjee
music byRipul Sharma
George Joseph
Country of originIndia
original languageHindi
no. of seasons1
no. or episodes6 (list of episodes)
ProducersGoldie Behl
Shradha Behl Singh
CinematographySirsha Ray
Production companiesApplause Entertainment
Rose Audio Visuals
original release18 Feb 2022
Watch OnlineClick Here

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Avantika Dasani, daughter of actress Bhagyashree and sister of actor Abhimanyu Dasani, is debuting from this series itself. Huma Qureshi is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood, who knows how to mold her character. In the role of a Hindi professor, Huma not only spoke strong dialogues but also gave amazing expressions in every dialogue. It was a good experience to see Huma in the role of Juhi Adhikari. On the other hand, if we talk about Avantika, then she has also done commendable work in her debut series. There are many scenes of Avantika, in which she was seen scaring people with her action and expression. Avantika’s acting as a fresher in the industry is commendable.



Psychological thriller films and web series are always considered good because they contain mystery, drama, action and many other things, which keep the audience in their seats. However, this is not the case with the false series. Barring the characters of Huma Qureshi and Avantika Dasani, hardly any artist can manage to keep the audience captivated with their acting. This dark web series by Rohan Sippy is a one-time watch. It is good that this series has only 6 episodes of 30 minutes, because if there were more than this, then the story of the series could have become a bit cumbersome. The best part of the series which is worth watching is the toxic relationship between a teacher and a student. This is the only thing worth watching in the series. The name of this series is false, but it seems a bit confusing. What’s true what’s a lie? This concept is a bit missing from the series, while the title of the series itself is false.

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