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Michael Keaton Compares New DC Movie To 90s Comedy

Michael Keaton Compares New DC Movie To 90s Comedy

Michael Keaton Says DC Is Coming The flash film is similar to his 90s cult hit comedy, multiplicity. In a new interview, Keaton mused on how fans all over the world seem to love multiplicity particularly highly regarded – when he suddenly proceeded to connect that old film with what he was working on in The flash! multiplicity saw Keaton play a construction worker and father who is cloned by a scientist to meet all the needs of his overplanned life – only to have that experiment spiral out of control. Apparently, that premise speaks of how Ezra Miller’s Flash will have to fight against itself:

“I mean just done The flash and there’s a similarity in how – I don’t want to give too much away – but how he should play against himself and with himself,” Keaton said as he stood up in Jake’s Taken. “And we talked about the difficulty of making multiples and the challenge.”

Keaton’s words resonate loudly with recent rumors and leaks from the set of The flash. A big rumor was that The flash movie villain will be a dark version of Barry Allen, who will also be played by Ezra Miller. That rumor resonated loudly with some even earlier set shots, which showed Ezra Miller on set in a motion-capture suit intended for a CGI costume. The assumption was that Miller’s new Flash costume will be CGI; now it seems possible that he is fit for an entirely different role than this dark version of Flash.

Michael Keaton Compares New DC Movie To 90s Comedy

What Michael Keaton said in this interview almost confirms that there will be a dark version of The Flash who is the antagonist of this Flash movie. It’s an interesting concept – one that evades the most obvious (and played out) conflict in The Flash myhos: the battle between Flash and his nemesis, Reverse-Flash.

Eobard Thawne has trotted out as a regular of The CW’s Flash TV series, and has made several major comebacks in the 21st century, after languishing in obscurity for a few years. However, DC fans have been somewhat vocal lately, declaring that they are tired of Reverse-Flash. It’s also a huge story to explain how future scientist Eobard Thawne becomes obsessed with The Flash, unlocks a way to gain speed, and travels back in time to kill Barry’s mother and start their feud. It’s a villainous origin that could arguably take an entire movie or series to introduce on its own — before you get into the events of this Flash movie, in which Barry will create and replace the timeline of the DC movie universe by going back in time and saving his mother.

Obviously, while the DC multiverse storyline will be an important part of The flash, its core will revolve around Barry Allen and working through the emotional trauma of his past. It would be a much more powerful story to have that internal conflict manifest as an external conflict, with Barry literally facing a version of himself that has embraced the Speed ​​Force’s divine power in all the wrong ways.

Michael Keaton Compares New DC Movie To 90s Comedy.

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