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Live Kerala Lottery Today Result 4.8.2021 Out, Akshaya AK 509 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Live Kerala Lottery Today Result 4.8.2021 Released, Akshaya AK 509 Winners List. Check 4.8.2021 Kerala lottery result today and AK509 winning numbers, Kerala Lotteries Akshaya AK 509 Result, Akshaya lottery draw AK.509 lucky numbers, Akshaya Lottery Results on 4.8.21, Kerala Lottery winning number AK-509 and 4/8/2021 Kerala lottery today draw list. Today the first prize winning number is updated. Check Kerala Lottery Result Today. Advertisement

Kerala Lottery Today Result Live 4.8.21, AK 509 Winners List

Kerala Lotteries used to declare the result live from 2:55 PM every day and the official Akshaya AK-509 Results PDF will be available after 4:00 PM on their official website. Here we are updating the live Kerala lottery result 4.8.21. So the people are requested to keep watching this page for Today Kerala Lottery Akshaya AK509 Result. Check Kerala Lottery Result Today.

Kerala Lottery Result Today
Kerala Lottery Result Today
Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 4.8.21
Lottery NameKerala Lottery
Draw CodeAK 509
Draw NameAkshaya
First PrizeRs. 70,00,000
Result date4.8.21
Result Time3 to 4 PM
Result StatusPublished

1st Price – Rs. 70,00,000/-

Wait Advertisement Consolation Prize – Rs. 8,000/-Wait2nd Price – Rs. 5,00,000/-

Wait3rd Price – Rs. 1,00,000/-Wait4th Price – Rs. 5,000/-Wait5th Price – Rs. 2,000/-Wait6th Price – Rs. 1,000/- Wait Advertisement   7th Price – Rs. 500/-Wait8th Price – Rs. 100/-Wait Today Lottery Results 3.8.2021

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4 PM Result

Kerala Lottery Result

Bodoland Lottery Result

Official Kerala Lottery Result Today 4 8 2021

The participants who bought Kerala lottery Akshaya, AK-509 tickets from a local agent, can able to check their prize on Kerala lotteries board official website only. Here below we have updated the Kerala lottery today result link below. Check Kerala Lottery Result Today.

Official Today Lottery Result Link: Click Here 

Akshaya Lottery AK-509 Result Today 4.8.2021

Kerala lotteries are usually conducting the draw for the Akshaya lottery every Wednesday only. So the Current serial number for Today Akshaya Lottery is AK-509. Most of us searching for Akshaya Lottery result prizes online by 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize. Here below we have listed the prize details for the AK-509 Result for 4/8/2021.

Kerala AK-509 Lottery Result Prize Details

1stRs. 70,00,000
ConsolationRs. 8,000
2ndRs. 500,000
3rdRs. 100,000
4thRs. 5,000
5thRs. 2,000
6thRs. 1,000
7thRs. 500
8thRs. 100

Steps to Kerala Lottery Today Result 4.8.2021

The participants who are all bought lottery tickets for today (4.8.2021) draw can able to check AK-509 Results by the online website itself. For that, the participants are requested to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Kerala Lotteries official website at

Step 2: Click the Lottery Result Button

Step 3: Find Akshaya WEEKLY LOTTERY (AK-509) and Draw Date: 4/8/2021

Step 4: Click the Today Kerala AK509 Result View link. (Now AK-509 Result pdf is downloaded)

Step 5: Check your lottery number whether won or defeat.

Steps to Claim Today Kerala Lottery Prize 4.8.2021

Today Kerala AK-509 Lottery Results Published on 4.8.2021 at 3:55 PM officially by The participants need to follow the Kerala lotteries norms to claim the prize. If you won above Rs.100,000, need to submit some documents required by Kerala Lotteries Board.

Prize Claim From
Up to Rs. 1 LakhDistrict Lottery Offices
Above Rs.1 LakhDirector of State Lotteries
Rs.1 Lakh and up to Rs.20 LakhsDeputy Director(Prize)
Above 20 lakhsDirector

Kerala Lottery Result AK 509 Draw 04/08/2021 Winner List

Lottery/Draw NoDraw DateResult
Akshaya AK50904/08/2021Check Here
Win-Win W62702/08/2021Check Here
NIRMAL NR23530/07/2021Check Here
Sthree Sakthi SS27127/07/2021Check Here
NIRMAL NR23423/07/2021Check Here
Vishu Bumper 2021 BR 7922/07/2021Check Here
Bhagyamithra BM620/07/2021Check Here
Akshaya AK49716/07/2021Check Here
Sthree Sakthi SS26013/07/2021Check Here
Win-Win W61509/07/2021Check Here
NIRMAL NR22306/07/2021Check Here
KARUNYA PLUS KN 36702/07/2021Check Here
AKSHAYA AK49629/06/2021Check Here
STHREE-SAKTHI SS25925/06/2021Check Here
KARUNYA KR49603/05/2021Check Here
NIRMAL NR22230/04/2021Check Here

Previous Kerala Lottery Results

DateResult Link
24.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 496
23.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 221
22.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 365
21.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 494
20.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 257
19.04.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 612
17.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 495
16.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 220
15.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 364
14.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 493
13.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 256
12.04.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 611
11.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 492
10.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 494
09.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 219
08.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 363
07.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 492
05.04.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 610
04.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Bhagyamithra BM 5
03.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 493
02.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 218
01.04.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 362
31.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 491
30.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 254
29.03.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 609
27.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 492
26.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 217
25.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 361
24.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 490
23.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 253
22.03.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 608
21.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Summer Bumper 2021 BR 78
20.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 491
19.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 216
18.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 360
17.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 489
16.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 252
15.03.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 607
13.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 490
12.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 215
11.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 359
10.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 488
09.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 251
08.03.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 606
07.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Bhagyamithra BM 4
06.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 489
05.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 214
04.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 358
03.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 487
02.03.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 250
01.03.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 605
27.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 488
26.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 213
25.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 357
24.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 486
23.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 249
22.02.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 604
20.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 487
19.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 212
18.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 356
17.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 485
16.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 248
15.02.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 603
13.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 486
12.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 211
11.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 355
10.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 484
09.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 247
08.02.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 602
07.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Bhagyamithra BM 3
06.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 485
05.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 210
04.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya Plus KN 354
03.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Akshaya AK 483
02.02.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 246
01.02.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 601
30.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 484
29.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 209
27.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 482
25.01.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 600
23.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 483
22.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 208
20.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 481
19.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 245
18.01.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 599
17.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Xmas Bumper BR 77
16.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 482
15.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 207
13.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 480
12.01.2021Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 244
11.01.2021Kerala Lottery Result WinWin W 598
09.01.2021Kerala Lottery Result Karunya KR 481
08.01.2021Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal NR 206
06.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Akshaya AK 479
05.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS 243
04.01.2021Kerala lottery Result WinWin W 597
03.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Bhagyamithra BM 2
02.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Karunya KR 480
01.01.2021Kerala lottery Result Nirmal NR 205

Frequently asked questions on Kerala lottery result today

Where to check Today Kerala lottery result AK 509?

Today Kerala lottery result can be check from official website

When will be Kerala lottery result 4.8.2021 available?

Today lottery result will be available from 3 PM

When Kerala lottery live-streaming starting?

Today 2:55 PM onwards

What is the today 1st prize AK509

Today 1st Prize is Rs.70,00,000

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