Lewis Hamilton ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ in Max Verstappen Move: Mercedes Tech Chief

His Mercedes team on Wednesday insisted that Lewis Hamilton’s controversial first-lap move over World Championship champion Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix was “perfectly compatible with the previous guide”.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton has been accused by Verstappen of being “dangerous, disrespectful and incompetent” following Sunday’s clash at Silverstone.

Red Bull had to retire from the Verstappen race, while Hamilton won, reducing the Dutchman’s lead in the championship from 33 to eight.

“For us, the maneuver that took place, the maneuver that Lewis did, was perfectly in line with FIA’s previous mentor,” said James Allison, Mercedes’ head of technology.

Hamilton was fined 10 seconds for the incident.

“Lewis was definitely substantial. He had his front axle beyond the middle of Verstappen’s car,” Alison said.

“You have to be considerable with it, you can create a corner for it. By creating a corner, you should not go around the corner and get out of the way or lose control of the car. They are what you have to meet.

“If you can get around the corner, if you’re substantial with the other car, the corner is yours.”

He added: “I felt it was tough to get fined.

“It’s about what the rules are for overtaking. I don’t see Louis doing anything wrong with those rules.”

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