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LEGO Batman Movie 2: Is It Confirmed Or Not?

The LEGO Batman movie was released in 2017 and became huge, grossing $311 million plus worldwide. It was a huge success for the creators and also for the Toy Franchise movie universe at the time. The LEGO Batman Movie was the most successful block toy film of its time.

After the success of the film, one can think that the film franchise will release a sequel. In any case, it was confirmed that fans definitely have the Lego Batman sequel. Even the officials have shown and teased the audience multiple times, leading them to believe a sequel is in production. According to the reports, Warner Bros is definitely planning a major sequel or something similar to the LEGO Batman Movie franchise, but it turned out to be something else later on.

Universal Pictures got into the middle of production on the film and stopped the sequel by giving the name of the rights. All this chaos has shocked fans, as the officials have already announced a movie before. Even the production of LEGO Batman was started. So, what’s the current status? Are we getting a movie or not? Here’s everything you need to know about The LEGO Batman Movie in detail.

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LEGO Batman Movie: Everything You Need to Know!

The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017, directed by Chris McKay. The film was under the production of Warner Bros and was based on the superhero Batman. The film follows the DC comic book character Batman.

In addition, the film follows the old 90s theme of cartoons and animation by visualizing the character in the block. As for the new generation of people, some kids and teens may find this animated series a bit strange. In a world filled with over-the-top animation and graphics. LEGO Batman is a new era show with its vintage cartoon series from 1998, but its crazy plot resembles Rick and Morty’s.

LEGO Batman Movie 2: Is It Confirmed?

The LEGO Batman movie was released and became a blockbuster and the company eventually booked the series for a sequel. The report mentioned about the production of the film and later stated that everything is going according to plan.

LEGO Batman Movie

The director, Chris McKay, has revealed in a tweet that the film has confirmed the script of the sequel. LEGO super friends, who were embedded in the front page of the script, have also teased fans. All these things are indicated in the innovative image of the continuation of the animation.

With people hoping for a sequel, it was officially canceled as the rights were transferred to Universal Pictures. In an interview, McKay said the film will not come with a sequel at all. He said this by saying: “Dan Harmon and Michael Waldron did a first draft of the script which was really great,”

He also explains that “It was truly epic… both from an action point of view and from a story point of view. The structure was Godfather part 2…a story about Batman’s relationship with the Justice League (and Superman) now, as well as the formative moments of the Justice League (and Batman’s relationship with Superman) then.”

It has been confirmed that LEGO Batman has been officially confirmed by the Universal Picture.

LEGO Batman Movie: Why was the movie cancelled?

The release of the LEGO Batman movie has not yet been confirmed. Earlier, the film released a statement saying that there will be another role for this block toy movie. But when Universal Picture acquired the rights to the film, they immediately halted production.

Initially, Warner Bros. had the rights to produce the film, but then Universal Pictured came into play.

The film was halted midway through production and has been officially cancelled. There is official news that this movie will not get a sequel at all.

LEGO Batman Movie: Is there a renewal option?

In official news, it was later revealed that Universal Pictures has no plans to make a sequel to this film. The fans are not satisfied with this news and demand another part. Since the first part of the film was already a blockbuster for the company, they may have revamped the series.

But all these assumptions are not supported by any solid evidence to comment on. There are currently no official updates for this movie and we are pleased that LEGO has been officially confirmed.

If there’s any news about this film’s renewal, I’ll let you know. Until then, bookmark this page to get the recent updates to the LEGO Batman movie.

Is there an official trailer for the movie?

The second sequel has been officially canceled, but you can come across many videos that refer to the official trailer of this video. If you haven’t watched this video yet, be sure to check out the official LEGO Batman movie video.

What are the ratings of this show?

Before we end this article, let’s see what the ratings and reviews are from the people and critics regarding this movie. So far I have read everything positive about the film. Both audiences and critics have responded positively to the film. The IMDb rating of the Lego Batman movie is 7.3/10. With 90% rotten tomatoes and a 4/5 common sense rating, this film is doing great in the eyes of critics.

Coming to the audience rating summary, the audience got a 4.6 for the show. Despite being a block toy movie inspired by Minecraft games, this movie does a great job. Unfortunately, there is no sequel to this film.

Last words

The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017 and became a fan favorite. It reminds the public of the 1900 era and their animation shows. Because the movie happened to come out this year, but was officially canceled. So far there is no sequel to the film and it has been officially canceled for now.

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