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Kudi Yedamaithe (2021) Aha Video: Cast, Crew, Release Date

Kudi Yedamaithe is a web series about a young girl in Ghana, Africa. She goes by the name Kudionda and is the star of a fictional web series created and hosted by Ghanaian-American internet entrepreneur Troy Patterson. Kudi’s story is simple but captivating as she tries to find her way in the world and her path is blocked by various obstacles thrown in her way.

Kudi’s parents are dead, so she was left by her stepfather, her brother and two step-sisters as a very young child. She was brought up in Ghana as one of eight children in a house with no running water and no school. She was the only girl in a family of boys and was often taunted and called names like “Mama” and “Baby.” Kudi later said that it was the lack of education that started her quest to find herself and eventually form this web fantasy series.

Kudi Yedamaithe lives in rural southeastern Ghana and works as a medical assistant in a hospital. She has gone through many difficult experiences and faced much hardship growing up. She experienced a loss of custody of her first child to a woman who was not allowed to be with him (in fact, her own father wanted to kill her), ran away from home at 15 after her mother was killed by an armed escort, and was sexually abused by members of her foster family when she was a young girl. 

Kudi’s story is tragic and her circumstances are typical of the lives of many children in Ghana who do not get the chance to pursue their dreams of college and beyond. Yet, through hard work and fortitude she managed to establish a successful business in communications and found true love.

Kudi Yedamaithe’s story is typical of African immigrants who come to the United States, but her story is representative of how many people from underdeveloped countries around the world come to the United States to fulfill their dreams. Just as Kudi did not have much in the way of money, nor did she have a good educational record, neither did she have any experience in marketing or production.

Yet, she made a strong connection with the internet marketing and established a web series to help pay for her costs while she built a home and a business for herself. The series was well received in Africa and she was able to bring in local customers and people from the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean to watch her web series.

Kudi Yedamaithe has a simple, honest and straightforward approach to her business that is not over the top. She tells her story without embellishing it and is clear and passionate about her desire to succeed. Viewers can tell that she really does care about her business and wants to see it succeed. This honesty is very important to people who may be hesitant about investing their money in an unfamiliar business. It is reassuring to know that a person is not trying to scam anyone and that she is just genuinely interested in her business.

In addition to her candid style of storytelling and her determination to see her show succeed, Kudi Yedamaithe has a winning personality. She is friendly, fun and smart on the show and people enjoy her sunny disposition. Her sense of humor is what makes people want to stay and watch the show, and her ability to relate to others is another reason why people enjoy listening to the show.

Many people enjoy the interaction that is offered by someone like Kudi Yedamaithe on the internet show. Yedamaithe entertains and educates while giving out practical tips. She takes a genuine interest in what people are saying on the show and she responds with thoughtful responses. The relationship that she develops with her audience is one of respect and trust, which allow the audience to learn a lot from her.

Kudi Yedamaithe succeeds in the show because she knows how to use technology to reach out to and connect with people. She knows that many people will tune into her show because of the engaging way in which she says things on the show. The interaction that she develops with her audience is what helps her succeed in this show. People will enjoy Yded’s wit and personality, and they will come back for more. The internet show is definitely worth a look.

Kudi Yedamaithe  Web Series Full Details

DirectorPawan Kumar
Production CompanyAha Video Original Series
ScreenplayRam Vignesh
GenreThriller Drama
StoryRam Vignesh
StarringAmala Paul, Rahul Vijay
MusicYet to Update
Release Date2021

Kudi Yedamaithe  Web Series 2021 Cast & Crew

  • Amala Paul
  • Rahul Vijay
  • Ravi Prakash
  • Pradeep

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