Justice Society: World War II Review: Classic Heroes Deliver a Fantastic DC Adventure

Justice Society : World War II Review : Classic Heroes Deliver a Fantastic DC Adventure

Warner Bros. Animation dates back to the Golden Age of comics with the exciting Justice Society: World War II It’s a retro adventure with a modern twist that brings the Flash, and his abilities to travel back in time, back to the forefront as the main character. Classic heroes battle evil Nazis with some interesting plot twists along the way. Which, hopefully, can open the door to more adventures from this old-school outfit. The script, character development, and kick-ass action scenes make this latest installment a fantastic entry into the original animated films of the DC Universe.

At the dawn of World War II, President Roosevelt realizes that the Nazi threat is becoming insurmountable. Colonel Steve Trevor (Chris Diamantopoulos) introduced him to Wonder Woman (Stana Katic). The Amazon Princess understands that the Germans must be defeated. They recruit Black Canary (Elysia Rotaru), Hawkman (Omid Abtahi), Hourman (Matthew Mercer) and Jay Garrick, aka Flash (Armen Taylor) to the cause. But two long and bloody years later, the Justice Society of America brand has made little progress in Europe.

In the present, Barry Allen (Matt Bomer) takes his longtime girlfriend, Iris West (Ashleigh LaThrop), to a picnic in Metropolis. She understands her duties as a hero, but is tired of hiding their relationship. When Barry springs into action as the Flash, an unforeseen event forces him to go back in time. He has been taken to a specific point by a mysterious voice and symbol of destiny. Barry arrives to see the Justice Society trying to save a village. They don’t know what to think of this stranger from the future. Even more disturbing, Barry doesn’t understand why he has never heard of the Justice Society. The United States government has done everything possible to conceal the identities and achievements of the team.

Justice Society: World War II draws some parallels to the much darker Justice League: The Flash Point Paradox. The difference here is that Barry Allen has no idea how time traveled or the existence of the Speed ​​Force. The subplot of him and Jay Garrick learning from each other is the highlight. Discovering the true nature of his powers adds a vital element to the narrative. The movie serves as a different origin story for new and established characters. Fans will have a blast watching Hourman and other lesser-known superheroes in action.

Wonder Woman is a strong leader with an unwavering commitment to fighting. Her romance with Steve Trevor plays an important role in the development of the plot. True, it’s cheesy and predictable, but it’s pretty relevant to the time frame and team dynamics. Jeremy Adams and Meghan Fitzmartin’s script is thoughtful. The Justice Society has a relentless and ubiquitous enemy, but it has to solve its individual problems. Each member has to face the consequences of their decisions.

There is a lot to like and not much to complain about this movie. The animation style of the 1930s and 1940s works well for the plot. Villains are maliciously drawn with bitter, scowling faces. There is action and violence in abundance, but not gory or overly graphic. The PG-13 rating is over the top. Justice Society: World War II it is an independent story. It should not be like that. These characters and settings deserve further exploration. Justice Society: World War II is a Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment production. It is currently available for digital download with a DVD / Blu-ray release on May 11.

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