‘Just Like Heaven’ Ending Explained

Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo

Near the ending of Just Like Heaven, David takes Elizabeth to an estate while its owner is in Hawaii. He leads Elizabeth to the garden, telling her he brought her there because she said she loves gardens. He then tells her that he made the garden since he’s a landscape architect. Elizabeth replies with a surprise of her own — it’s the same garden from her daydream at the beginning of the film. David then gets a call from Grace, who informs him that he’s finally going to get a really long lease.

Asking why’s that, Grace tells him that the owner of the apartment is going to get her plug pulled. David rushes to Abby’s to convince her not to pull the plug on her sister. However, Abby tells him it’s already late and that she’s already signed the papers — they’ll terminate the life-support at noon the next day. Abby is adamant about her decision because she believes it was Elizabeth’s last wish, and she’ll honor that. David uses his last resort, telling Abby that Elizabeth’s there with them, in her spiritual form. This only freaks Abby out, and she throws David out with a knife. Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) and David (Mark Ruffalo)/Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Just Like Heaven Ending Explained

At the end of the film, Elizabeth’s kinda given up on trying other ways but David hasn’t. He takes her to Darryl and asks him if there’s any spell or chant or any supernatural ritual they can perform to return Elizabeth’s soul to her body. However, Darryl tells them they’re asking the wrong question. The right question is why it’s only David that can see her and nobody else. They return to their apartment and while David rummages through the supernatural books, Elizabeth spots her picture that Abby had brought to the hospital. David tells her he picked it up and brought it with him because he likes it and he didn’t know if he’ll ever see her again.

They sit down, and Elizabeth tells him how she’s always only worked and worked and then worked some more. She tells him she saved others’ lives but also her own, for later. Now she doesn’t want to spend the last moments fighting her fate or crying. Instead, she wants to spend them with David. We get another tender and cute moment with the two lying in bed, holding hands. Elizabeth tells David that her unfinished business is him. The following morning, David gets an epiphany and tells Elizabeth he’s going to save her as she saved him from the metaphorical death that he’s been in ever since his wife passed away. Now he’s going to save her life by stealing her physical body from the hospital.

The Life Support Rescue

The Just Like Heaven ending sees David enlist Jack’s help in pulling off the heist. Freaked out by the ghost talk and the seemingly psychic powers of David, Jack reluctantly joins in, but when he sees Elizabeth’s body, he instantly recognizes her as Abby’s sister. They then make a run for the exit with the bed while Abby and the medical staff, and security catch up to them. In the chaos, Elizabeth’s oxygen tubes get pulled out, and she flatlines. However, before the security pins David down, he gives a little mouth-to-mouth to Elizabeth, which also serves as the ‘kissing the sleeping beauty’ trope. And sure enough, the sleeping beauty wakes up from her coma. However, she doesn’t seem to remember who David is at all.

The End: Elizabeth Remembers Everything

Later, when Elizabeth goes on about her life, she feels something is missing. We know that’s it’s not something. It’s someone. And that someone is David, who has created a beautiful garden for Elizabeth on the rooftop. She still doesn’t remember everything, but faint remnants of her memories with David are breaking out of her subconscious. All that’s left is a touch by David, which eventually happens, and as the ending of Just Like Heaven arrives, David hands over the keys to Lizzie, with their hands touching. She remembers everything in an instant, and the two kiss, and then the credits roll.

Is Elizabeth dead in just like heaven
Elizabeth and David sharing a bed at the end of the film/ Image credits: Amazon Prime Video

Just Like Heaven Ending: Why Can Only David See Elizabeth?

One of the biggest mysteries befuddling our protagonists throughout the film is exactly why David is the only one who can see Elizabeth. No one else can see her, although Darryl can feel her presence. However, it’s not because he has any special connection to her. It’s just because he has a supernatural sensitivity to “souls”. And the reason why David can see Elizabeth is something Darryl knows. He nudges them to find the answer to their question by asking the right question first. At the beginning of the film, it’s unclear what the connection between Elizabeth and David can be. Apart from the same apartment they’re living in, there is no apparent connection between them.

As the film progresses, we learn that both of them have been living kind of similar lives. Although it’s only Elizabeth who’s in a state of limbo, David has been in one too, in a more metaphorical sense. Ever since his wife’s death, he has not really been living. It’s a life as happening as death. That’s why Elizabeth’s arrival and the upheaval it causes save him, gives him some purpose and a reason to move forward. Elizabeth’s life until the coma was also devoid of any lively moment, really. Both of them saved each other from the sad monotony their lives were. They became each other’s unfinished businesses, someone that they had to meet to rejuvenate their hunger for life.

The Date That Never Happened

However, a deeper interpretation of their connection is that there’s another, the more literal reason why David and Elizabeth were each other’s unfinished businesses, why David was the only one who could see and hear her, and why Elizabeth could only feel his touch and nobody else’s. It’s because, as we find out near the ending of Just Like Heaven, the guy Elizabeth’s sister Abby had tried to set her up with was none other than David. Meanwhile, it was Jack who set up David’s date with her that day. However, fate entailed a different and more feature-length-rom-com ending for them.

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