Jungle Book vs Lion King: Which Is The Best Live-Action Disney Remake

Movies like The Lion King and The Jungle Book have been a mainstay in our lives since we were children. We’d watch the movie over and over again on holidays, birthdays, and just about any other occasion. Naturally, as time went by, our interest in these animated films waned, and we began to forget their significance. However, one day, the creators decided to develop live-action films based on them, and we were back in the game. In this article, let’s take a closer look at which Disney live-action film is the greatest: The Lion King or The Jungle Book.

1. The Lion King has the best Live-action soundtrack:

Nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Movies.

The Lion King has some of the best-received soundtracks of any Disney movie. Elton John, Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner, and Seth Rogen all have songs on the album, which are primarily recreations of the original album. These songs energize, empower, electrify, and rejuvenate everyone with their central premise of African inspiration, percussion instruments, and euphoric patterns.

2. Jungle Book Live-Action Movie has its own individuality:

Exploring the best live-action Disney movie between The Lion King and The Jungle Book.
Live-action adventure drama film, based on Rudyard Kipling’s eponymous collective works.

The worst thing about most live-action remakes is that sometimes filmmakers end up simply making updated versions of the original plot. The Lion King, Jon Favreau’s next production for the studio, is exactly the kind of redundant that is not wanted. It merely seeks to recreate all of the famous scenes from the 1994 classic in live-action. However, The Jungle Book, Favreau’s first Disney remake, didn’t just copy-paste the original. It has its own aesthetic and, for a large part, its own narrative.

3. Scar’s ‘villain-ness’ is shown more logically in the Lion King Live-Action Movie

Exploring the best live-action Disney movie between The Lion King and The Jungle Book.
The main antagonist in the Lion King franchise: Scar.

The live-action movie of The Lion King includes many more ways to demonstrate how cunning and deceptive Scar is than in the animated film. Scar seems to have a long-standing association with the hyenas in the animated feature, who appear to be more like his minions, than members of their own gang. In the live-action movie, Scar visits them in an effort to join forces, and the interaction here is significantly more intriguing. Scar appears considerably more terrible and authentic as a result of this.

4. Jungle Book has one of the best animations in Live-Action Movies:

Exploring the best live-action Disney movie between The Lion King and The Jungle Book.
The incredibly realistic animations of the live-action Jungle Book movie.

Not to take anything away from The Lion King, but their nature documentary aesthetic was much milder and less fascinating than the vivid graphics of the original film. On the other hand, The Jungle Book’s realistic animations are truly incredible. The images bring the forest alive with a clever balance of actual photography and cutting-edge computer-generated illusions.

And the best Live Action Disney remake is:

5. The Lion King, for the amazing, unforgettable life lesson in a song: Hakuna Matata

Exploring the best live-action Disney movie between The Lion King and The Jungle Book.
The popular Lion King song sung by Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon as Simba accepts the “Hakuna Matata” lifestyle.

This is a rather self-explanatory point. Despite the gloomy undertones, heroic vengeance, and complex plotlines, The Lion King tells us that our destinies aren’t always in our control, but that life may be significantly simpler when you calm down and breathe. It’s a movie we’ve all grown up with, through each song, every message, and all the nostalgia we experience when seeing it.

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