Jakob’s Wife SXSW Review: Barbara Crampton Vampire Movie Is a Bloody Good Time

Jakob’s Wife SXSW Review

Jakob’s Wife SXSW Review: Barbara Crampton Vampire Movie Is a Bloody Good Time

The new vampire movie Jakob’s Wife premiered this week at the South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW), and seeing the movie can be a great time for big horror fans. Starring genre fan favorite Barbara Crampton (Resuscitator, Chopping Mall) as a bored housewife turned vampire, the film is co-written and directed by Travis Stevens, the director of the well-received 2019 ghost movie. Girl on the third floor.

Jakob’s wife stars Barbara crampton as Anne Fedder, the wife of a small-town pastor who loves her husband deeply but has grown weary of what her life has become. Larry Fessenden (You are next, We are still here) co-stars as Jakob Fedder, Anne’s husband, who clearly cares for her too, even if their lives have gotten completely dull. Their relationship is put to the test when an encounter with an old love results in Anne being bitten by a vampire, and Jakob must decide if he wants to support his wife in light of his new … condition.

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One thing about Jakob’s wife is that he apparently couldn’t decide what kind of movie he wanted to be. At first, Stevens does a great job setting the tone for a dark and spooky vampire movie. We make a right turn to dark comedy shortly after Anne’s transformation into a vampire, and in the end, it almost turns into an antics comedy. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy these comedic moments, there were several scenes that made me laugh out loud, but the drastic change in tone midway through made the movie feel less cohesive.

Even the death scenes were pretty funny, although I have a feeling they were designed to be that way. Just a small cut to the neck will result in an endless stream of blood gushing out of the wound. Other unfortunate souls almost completely lost their minds in other scenes, with even more blood for everyone. It’s excessive to the point of being comical, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The body count is quite high, so if seeing blood makes you feel apprehensive, Jakob’s wife it won’t be for you.

Jakob’s Wife SXSW Review

Something that makes these horrible kills work so well would be the excellent practical effects. The murders are extremely graphic, but they sure look amazing. The master vampire character design, wonderfully rendered by The nun star Bonnie Aarons, she looks pretty fantastic too. Classic horror fans may appreciate the Nosferatuvampire style like I did, as even during comedy scenes, the creature maintained its spooky vibe the entire time, thanks to Aarons’ acting and effects.

Everywhere, acting on Jakob’s wife it was excellent, so even with the gallons of blood gushing out on the screen every now and then, the movie never feels too cheesy. In both the most serious and comical scenes, Crampton delivers as usual, and her role as Anne already stands out as one of her most memorable performances. Fessenden isn’t your traditional vampire movie hero either, and yet he brings a certain charm to the role of Jakob that really got me supporting his character from start to finish. Meanwhile, wrestling fans will enjoy CM Punk’s small but memorable role as a police officer.

At the end of the day, Jakob’s wife It’s a blood-soaked good time and fun watch for horror fans, and especially those who love Barbara Crampton and / or vampire movies. The film had its world premiere at SXSW this week and will be released in theaters, on demand and digitally in the United States on April 16, 2021.

Jakob’s Wife SXSW Review

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