JAIL Tamil Movie Twitter Review, Hit or Flop? Public critics

JAIL Tamil Movie Review

Jail Tamil Movie Twitter Review: Jail is an action and dram tamil movie which is directed by Vasanthabalan under the production of Sridharan Mariadhasan. GV Prakash Kumar, Abarnathi work as lead roles in this movie. Music is composed by GV Prakash Kumar. This movie will be released on 09-12-2021.

JAIL Tamil Movie Twitter Review

My movie hits the screen today after 7 years. JAIL today as the main character GV Prakash joins GV Prakash, whom I then introduced as a composer. pic.twitter.com/4SeaTp87B8

— Vasantabalan (@Vasantabalan1) December 9, 2021

JAIL Movie Cast

Genreaction drama
Publication date09-Dec-21
FormGV Prakash Kumar, Abarnathic
ProducerSridharan Mariadhasan
MusicPrakash Kumara

JAIL Movie Story

Consistently, Vasanatabalan makes clear what the JAIL will be: a brazen message film about the situation of poor people who have been driven from their territories and forced to live in a resettlement settlement on the outskirts of the city.

The titles of the film play over the visuals of the place – here it is Kaveri Nagar, enrolling in the real Kannagai Nagar in Chennai – with a voiceover letting us know what the whole course of substitution is like outside the base.

From contrasting individuals with trapped birds and the site to a JAIL, we get what the film will tell over the next two hours in these underlying few moments.
The story is described by three young people

Karna (GV Prakash Kumar), a humble crook, Rough (Nandhan Smash), a medicine doctor, and Kalai (Pasanga Pandi), who has to lead a normal life after giving birth from juvenile detention. Their region, Kaveri Nagar, is a residence for the ghetto tenants in the city

has acquired a reputation as a favorable place for crooks as misconduct is by all means an easier way of life for some of these individuals as opposed to going straight to town for work. Nor does it help that the police, controlled by degenerate cop Perumal (Ravi Maria)

usually force false chests on them. Rough’s struggle with an adversary’s pack in space leads to a death toll, and he also drags his two companions down a cesspool of brutality.

Despite its laudable goals, the JAIL is left somewhere near unrefined compositions that only buy into banalities and offer nothing more to what we hear in the first voiceover. The story plays the beats we expect it should

Karna’s cheerful way of life and sentiment, Rough’s competition, Kalai’s struggles to get some work in light of the area he comes from, Perumal’s wickedness – but none of these really register with us, as much as they should.

Then, in that moment, there are segments that are so determined, as if the chief is checking boxes. We have maternal feeling, kindness Karna’s mother Paapammal (Radikaa Sarathkumar); sister opinion, because of Rough’s sister Mariapushpam (Jennifer); and clear,

the sense of community. We even get a scene where the three companions get together and talk about their predicament, in case we didn’t get it from the story. Perhaps Vasantabalan does not believe his audience in the circumstances in which his characters find themselves.

We meet a youthful, unruly Karuna (GV Prakash) who is perpetually committed to petty misdeeds and illegal demonstrations against the landscape of Cauvery Settlement (a ghetto guesthouse with 2.5Lac families).

His friends, his adoring mother and a rookie (Abarnathi), who turns into his darling, turn him into a heaven. Nevertheless, his life is ruined when an abnormal cop (Ravi Mariah) plays a pawn game with him. Can he get himself out of the mess?

GV Prakash and Abarnathi have put everything on the agenda in terms of exhibitions. The scenes in which they appear are extremely charming.

Their science on screen is also very good. From start to finish, ravi Mariah leaves us in doubt as to whether he is a real or comedic lowlife. The other entertainer who plays rough has given a decent presentation.

Pandi of Pasanga accolade has delivered a mature exhibit and his on-screen presence improves with each image. The scope of radhika Sarathkumar, PT Selvakumar and various entertainers is limited

JAIL Movie Trailer

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