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Ishq Movie Review: Test Patience With Infinite Harassment

Ishq Movie Review: Test Patience With Infinite Harassment

Ishq Movie Review

Movie: Ishq (Not A Love Story)
Rating: 2/5

Banner: Mega super good movies
Cast: Teja Sajja, Priya Varrier, Ravindra Vijay and others
Cinematography: Shyam K Naidu
Music: Mahathi Swara Sagari
Editor: A Vara Prasad
art: Vithal Kosanam
Presenter: RB Choudary
Director: SS Raju
Producers: NV Prasad, Paras Jain, Vakada Anjan Kumar
Date of publication: July 30, 2021

Theaters have reopened this week after the prolonged second wave of the coronavirus situation. Teja Sajja, Priya Prakash Varrier’s “Ishq -Not A Love Story” is one of the movies hitting the screens today.

Check out the pros and cons of the movie.

Ishq Movie Story:

The film is set in Vizag. Siddhu (Teja Sajja) and Anu (Priya Prakash Varrier) take a long drive to call on her birthday. Siddhu knows a parking lot next to a hospital where hardly any people enter. They drive into that parking lot to spend some time together.

Their romantic moment is disrupted by a creep named Madhav who demands to know what they are doing in the car and threatens to arrest them and take them to the police station. Another person joins him, and the two moral goons torment the young couple for hours into the night.

Performances by artists:

Teja Sajja is effective in the role as he effortlessly portrays the character who changes from a weak man to that of a revenge seeker.

Priya looks gorgeous and plays the part too, with her believable performance. Ravindra Vijay as the main villain is awesome.

Technical excellence:

Mahati Swara Sagar’s music is appropriate. “Aagalekapotunna…” stands out. Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is neat and the production values ​​look good.

Basic plot
The pre-interval scenes

Boring series of harassment
Many scenes drag on
The slow pace


Stories of loved ones experiencing harassment are not new. Still, “Ishq Not A Love Story” covers an important topic – moral policing. At the heart of this story, which is based on a super-hit Malayalam film of the same name, is a pertinent social problem of illegal acts of double policing.

This starts off as a slow love story and picks up the pace when a moral police officer starts to harass them. The sudden turn of the story from a romantic mood to a hair-raising mood is good. But it becomes a rut after a point, and the intimidation reaches an unbelievable level.

It is understandable if the young person feared reprisals because the other is a police officer. But it defies all logic to see the young guy shut up when the so-called police officer goes over all levels of decency with his girlfriend. Youngsters tend to react wildly for no reason, but here the hero is more passive, even as the creep tortures his girlfriend with his lewd act.

Moreover, it is clear to see that the creeps are not the real police. Yet he does not muster the courage to respond. The lengthy series of harassment has spoiled the credibility factor.

In addition, the second half is expected to turn into a revenge story and the sequence of an elaborate revenge ritual is exhausting. They are boring. Some scenes test our patience. The last act is relatively good though.

Despite having a good plot point, the execution isn’t impressive. Director SS Raju followed the original but failed to keep our interest.

All in all, “Ishq” isn’t a perfect love story, nor a fitting revenge tale, and this cocktail of elements isn’t appetizing.

Bottom line: Exhausting

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